Nesbitt Memorial Library
Columbus, Texas

Last Updated June 04, 2014
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Tour the Nesbitt Memorial Library

The library was built around one of the many majestic old live oak trees which grace the City of Columbus.
Just inside the front entrance, the library provides patrons with easy access to its newest books.
  The library's reference section is also near the front entrance.
Naturally, the circulation desk is also right up front . . . The custom tiles on the counter show scenes from Columbus and the Colorado River. They were created by area artist Pat Johnson (maroon shirt) and installed in 2005.
  . . . and it looks out over the entire library.
Library staff is always willing to assist patrons at the front desk . . .
  . . or in the reference section . . .
. . . or at the main card catalog consoles near the front entrance and in the non-fiction section.
  The library maintains a substantial collection of
current magazines and newspapers.
The children's section occupies about one-third of the floor space in the main reading room . . .
. . . and is home to the library's doll collection.  
The library's spacious meeting room hosts activities for children,
such as this program during the summer . . .
. . . . and for adults, such as this appearance by three local authors Beth Wiseman, Gwen Brown, and Max Barnett.  
Patrons flock to the main bank of Internet access computers, which is flanked by a collection of art . . . . . . or connect to the wireless . . .
  . . . or browse the stacks in the fiction section . .

or select one of the library's large collection of videotapes or DVDs . . .

. . . or get answers to their questions in the labyrinthine non-fiction section.  
Patrons in the Texas Room work with documents and books at the elegant table built of long leaf pine by local artist Mark Potter . . .

. . . or with the library's extensive collection of microfilm. . .  
. . . while library staff work nearby, digitizing material for this website.  
                               The director can usually be found in the back office working on book orders, paying bills and contemplating upcoming events.  
All the while, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming.