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Last Updated November 30, 2009
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First United Methodist Church,
Weimar, Texas
Records of the Congregation, 1892-1990

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There are four books of records of the First United Methodist Church of Weimar, Texas. The originals are not numbered. For the purposes of this transcription, we have assigned them numbers, calling them Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, and Book 4, in chronological order.

Marriages and baptisms are recorded in all four books. All four also contain lists of the members of the congregation, called Registers of Members. These registers provide various information, including the dates of death of some members. These records have been incorporated into this transcription's death records. In addition, the last two books have separate records of deaths.

We present the records in alphabetical order, by surname. For the marriage records, we have listed the records alphabetically for both the grooms and the brides. The number of the book in which the original record appears is given under "source." Many records were duplicated within single books and in different books.

The transcriptions presented herein were made in October 2006 by Bill Stein.