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Last Updated March 24, 2014
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Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 A-1 Abell Family Family History
Colorado County 1700-1900
2 A-1 Academic and Sports Banquet St. Anthony

3 A-1 ACE Meeting Announcement

4 A-1 Adams, Tom Civil War Experience
5 A-1 Adamcik, William V. Obituary

b. 12-24-1884
6 A-1 Adams, W.A. Obituary

7 A-1 Addicks, Roy Jr. Correspondence

8 A-1 Adobe, Building with Article Texas Preservation Guidelines
9 A-1 Advertisement Libby's Products Business

10 A-1 Aetna Life Insurance Ledger

11 A-1 Agriculture News Clipping
Colorado County 1840
12 A-1 Agriculture, Dept. of Division of Work

13 A-1 Agriculture, Dept. of Agricultural Experiment Stations

14 A-1 Agriculture in Colorado County

15 A-1 Agriculture, Secretary of Report

1895,1896, 1901
16 A-1 Alabama Genealogical Quartly 3 issues

17 A-1 Alamo Mapping Texas History Booklet

18 A-1 Agriculture, Dept. of Alfalfa or Lucern

19 A-1 Allen, Dwyer Obituary

20 A-1 Alley, Abram Home Marker

21 A-1 Alley, Abraham Land Commission

22 A-1 Allen, John M. Death

23 A-1 Alley, Mrs. J.M. Obituary

24 A-1 Allen, Marten Historical Marker
Sealy 1993
25 A-1 Alley, Alex Obituary

20th c.
26 A-1 Alley Family History of

to 1930
27 A-1 Alley Family History of
Colorado County 1702-1940
28 A-1 Alley, John M. Obituary
Glidden 1873-1944
29 A-1 Alley, Shelly (donor) Miscellaneous Correspondence

30 A-1 Alley, William Land Dispute

31 A-1 Alley, Mary Estelle Obituary Homemaker Glidden b. 1878
32 A-1 Albrecht, Dorothy Biography/Death

33 A-1 Alleyton Freemantle Diary

34 A-1 Alleyton Cemetery Historic Cemetery Request

35 A-1 Alleyton Confederate Depot

36 A-1 Alleyton History of

37 A-1 Alleyton History of

38 A-1 Alleyton River Crossing Colorado County Historical Commission

39 A-1 Alleyton Historical Marker Confederate States of America
40 A-1 Alleyton Railroad Right-of-Way

41 A-1 Alleyton Pioneers

42 A-1 Alleyton Waterworks

43 A-1 Alleyton Yellow Fever Court Documents

44 A-1 Alliance for Clean Environment Correspondence
45 A-1 Almanac Houston Post

46 A-1 Almanac McDonald's

47 A-1 Alston Family Genealogy

48 A-1 Altair Murders

49 A-1 America Play Community Arts Network San Antonio
50 A-1 America Sketch Book Texas Pioneer Magazine

51 A-1 Americana Antiquarian Books Catalogue

52 A-1 American Art Today New York World's Fair List Catalogue Paintings 1939
53 A-1 American City and County Magazine

54 A-1 American Declaration of Independence Marker
Columbus 1976
55 A-1 American Folklife Center Flyer

56 A-1 American Legion Newsletter/Booklet
57 A-1 American Library Association Library War Service World War I
58 A-1 American Revolution Time Magazine History of
59 A-1 American Revolution Life During

60 A-1 American Revolution Secret Mission Board Game

61 A-1 American Tours History Oriented

62 A-1 American Trotting Association By-Laws

63 A-1 American West, violence in Article

64 A-1 American West Catalogue

65 A-1 Americana Catalogue

66 A-1 Ammann, Buddy Obituary/History

67 A-1 Ammansville History of
Fayette County 1800-1900's
68 A-1 Ammann, E.M. Obituary

69 A-1 Ancient Relics Article about found by W.L. Nesbitt England
70 A-1 Anderson, Henry Pickford Obituary

b. 11-11-1864
71 A-1 Anderson, Scott Army Colonel death Eagle Lake 1868
72 A-1 Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Center Booklet WWII era Camp Stewart, Georgia
73 A-1 Antiques in Texas Magazine

74 A-1 Antiques

75 A-1 Antique Show Booklet Business Advertising
76 A-1 Apple Growing Fruit Orchard
Fayette County 1873
77 A-1 Appraisals Books/Manuscripts

78 A-1 Arbor Day Nesbitt Library/Columbus Garden Club
Columbus 1980
79 A-1 Army Infantry Drill Regulations

80 A-1 Army U.S. Voluntary Army Newspaper Story
81 A-1 Army Rainbow Division Decal
82 A-1 Army as a career Booklet
83 A-1 Army Training Camp for Officers

84 A-1 Army Air Force Combat School Bulletin Tarrant Field Fort Worth 1942
85 A-1 Arnold, Emelia Homemaker

86 A-1 Art Exhibition of paintings

87 A-1 Art Books (Rare) Mansfield Library

88 A-1 Arts Council

89 A-1 Ashley and related Family Family history
Colorado County 1800-1900's
90 A-1 Attwater Prairie Chicken Nat'l Wildlife Refuge

Colorado County 1976
91 A-1 Atwood, Simeon Biography

92 A-1 Austin, Ben Clayton Obituary

93 A-1 Austin Colony Document in Spanish

94 A-1 Austin Colony

Colorado County 1821-1824
95 A-1 Austin's First Colony History/Tourism

96 A-1 Austin Colony Indian Wars Book Review

97 A-1 Austin's Old Three Hundred Yearbook and map

98 A-1 Austin County Census

99 A-1 Austin Community College Symposium

100 A-1 Austin, Moses Oath of office

101 A-1 Austin, Texas Chosen as capitol

102 A-1 Austin, William Genealogy

103 A-1 Architectural Preservation Winedale Workshop

104 A-1 Art and Practice of Needlework Education

105 A-1 Assisted Living

106 A-1 Auerbach, Mrs. Frank Obituary Homemaker Columbus 1842-1926
107 A-1 Axel, Celestine Obituary
Eagle Lake 1924-1971
108 A-1 Axel, Elzie M. Obituary
Altair 1943-1984
109 A-1 Axel Family Census Blank

110 A-1 Axel, Florence Obituary
Columbus 1889-1970
111 A-1 Axel, Irene Mary Funeral

112 A-1 Azalea Trail Houston Homes

113 A-1 Alexander, Dale Political Ad.
Colorado County 1998
114 A-1 Alley, William Railroad Deed
Colorado County 1861
115 A-1 Alley, Laura Correspondence Photocopies Columbus 1850's
116 A-1 Austin, Bruce Mildred Campbell Photographs

117 A-1 Albrecht, Dorothy Funeral Program
Weimar 2009
118 A-1 Allen, Melvin Land Title
Colorado County 1929
119 A-1 Alley, J.M. Marriage Certificate and Warranty Deed
Colorado County 1898-1925
122 A-1 Andrews, Fannie Grant Deed
Colorado County 1910-1917
123 A-1 Alleyton Cemetery Historical Marker
Alleyton 2009
124 A-2 Albrecht, Dorothy Historical Research Diamond Grove Academy, Other Various 2002
125 A-2 Altman, William C. Resume
Houston, TX 2002
126 A-2 Attwater Prairie Chicken Refuge Information Pamphlets
Eagle Lake 2012
127 A-2 Abilene Boys, The Colorado River Journey News Clippings, Flyer Texas 1992
128 A-2 Abilene, Texas Visitor's Guide and Map Original Abilene, Texas Area Modern Era
129 A-2 Abortion, Roe vs. Wade Re: 20th Anniversary of Passage Photocopies of News Clippings Nationwide 1993
130 A-2 Air Quality (Texas Air Control Board) Booklets, Pamphlets Originals Texas 1970s
131 A-2 Alabama/Coushatta Indian Reservation Education and History Of Typewritten Original, Bulletin Texas 1962, 1964
132 A-2 Alamo History Of, Controversies Regarding Various Sources San Antonio Various Dates
133 A-2 "Antiques USA" Magazine Feature Re: Columbus Original Magazine Texas 1981
134 A-2 Astrodome Bumper Sticker, Brochures, News Clipping, Other Originals and Photocopies Houston 1990
135 A-2 Attwater's Prairie Chicken News Clippings, Booklets, Other Originals and Photocopies Eagle Lake, Colorado County 1960s-1990s
136 A-2 Austin, Moses Flyers Re: Marker Dedication, Postcards Original Materials Missouri 1986
137 A-2 Austin, Stephen F. Info Re: 20th Birthday Celebration Original Materials and Photocopies San Felipe, TX 1993
138 A-2 Austin, TX Variety of Tourism Materials Originals Austin Modern Era
139 A-2 Alliance for a Clean Environment Letterhead
Colorado County Modern Era
140 A-2 A.C.E Proxy Notes Originals Colorado County 1992
141 A-2 A.C.E. By-laws and Certificate of Incorporation Originals Colorado County 1991
142 A-2 A.C.E Newspaper Articles Originals Colorado County 1991-1992
143 A-2 A.C.E Correspondence Photocopies & originals Colorado County 1990's
144 A-2 A.C.E Correspondence Photocopies & originals Colorado County 1990's
145 A-2 Alleyton History Aerial View and Map Colorado County 1990's
146 A-2 Altair Hunting Club
Colorado County Late 1900's
147 A-2 Agriculture, U.S. Department of Barnyard Manure
Washington D.c. 1894
148 A-2 Agriculture, U.S. Department of Black Rot
Washington D.C. 1888
149 A-2 Agriculture, U.S. Department of Cabbage, Black Rot of
Washington D.C. 1898
150 A-2 Agriculture, U.S. Department of Chickens
Washington D.C. 1897
151 A-2 Axel, Felicienne Olympic Tryouts Flyer Columbus 2012-2013