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Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 B-1 Baker, Dudley & Helen

2 B-1 Baker, Helen Biography

3 B-1 Baker Motel Postcard
4 B-1 Balas, Brian Suicide

5 B-1 Bank Failures

Houston/New Ulm 1989
6 B-1 Bandera City and Bandera County Descriptive Account

7 B-1 Banking History of
Colorado County
8 B-1 Barker Texas History Center Brochure

9 B-1 Barnett, C.D Lieutenant Governor's Race
Colorado County
10 B-1 Barnett, Fred Sawmill business Leon Hale Article
11 B-1 Barr, Candy Slusher, Juanita Dale Career/Death

12 B-1 Barta, John Descendents Genealogy

13 B-1 Barta, Mary Ann Heger Obituary
14 B-1 Barrow, Clyde Book Announcement

15 B-1 Bartosh, James George

16 B-1 Bartosh, Mary M. Wife of James G. Bartosh

17 B-1 Baseball Babe Ruth World Series
Weimar 2003
18 B-1 Baseball Academy Bean's

19 B-1 Baseball Boys

20 B-1 Baseball

Colorado County
21 B-1 Baseball Player Killed
Eagle Lake
22 B-1 Baseball

Galveston 1867
23 B-1 Baseball Guadalupe Valley League

24 B-1 Baseball High School
Eagle Lake 1988
25 B-1 Baseball Major Leagues

26 B-1 Baseball Score Book

27 B-1 Baseball Newspaper Article Stars Shiner 2001
28 B-1 Baseball Major League Statistics

29 B-1 Baseball U.S.

30 B-1 Baseball

31 B-1 Bastrop County Oil Lease Map

32 B-1 Battle of New Orleans Plantation Houses on the Battlefield Booklet
33 B-1 Battle of Valverde Civil War

34 B-1 Baumann, George M. Rauh/Baumann Marriage
Eagle Lake 1942
35 B-1 Baylor College Catalogue

36 B-1 Baylor, Ruby Lee Funeral Program Homemaker Weimar 1930-1990
37 B-1 BBBC Railroad History of

38 B-1 Beach Family Family History/Genealogy

39 B-1 Bean, Roy Biography (short)

40 B-1 Beatlefan Booklet

41 B-1 Beason's Crossing History of
42 B-1 Beaumont Opera House Programs

43 B-1 Beaver Teeth Leyendecker

44 B-1 Becker, Henry Obituary
45 B-1 Beckmeyer Family Historical Sketch/Family History

46 B-1 Bees and Queens Price List

47 B-1 Beeson's Crossing

Colorado County
48 B-1 Behne, Edward Lee Obituary Vietnam Veteran Columbus 1941-2006
49 B-1 Behne, Gustav Death notice Immigrant/Artist Columbus 1895
50 B-1 Beken, Wilma

51 B-1 Bell, Edward Harold "Butch" Notes about

52 B-1 Bellair Senior High School Commencement
Houston 1966
53 B-1 Bells of Joy Band/Singers

54 B-1 Bellville Brahmas Football vs. Columbus

55 B-1 Bellville Public Library Public flyer

56 B-1 Bell County Genealogical Society Letter

57 B-1 Belson, Charles Civil War Record

58 B-1 Belson Family Genealogy

59 B-1 Benoist, William R. Obituary
Colorado County 1887-1912
60 B-1 Bench, Jesse James Diaries

61 B-1 Bernardo History of

62 B-1 Bernardo School Commencement Program

63 B-1 Bernardo School

64 B-1 Bernardo/Mentz History Arliss Treybig Colorado County
65 B-1 Bianchi, Emile and Friedolin Naturalization Record

66 B-1 Bible Marker

67 B-1 Bicentennial Celebration

68 B-1 Bicentennial Edition of Time Magazine

69 B-1 Bicycle Map of Williamson County

70 B-1 Big Bend CCC Camp Rollin Baker

71 B-1 Bigamy Case

Weimar 1886
72 B-1 Big Thicket East Texas Bertha Brown Youngblood

73 B-1 Bikers (Motorcycles)

Colorado County
74 B-1 Binkley, W. A. Murder
Cameron 1894
75 B-1 Biology Lab manual

76 B-1 Biology: Plants and Animals Magazine

77 B-1 Bird Prints Singer

78 B-1 Bischer's School Class picture

79 B-1 Bishop J.C. Personal Correspondence

80 B-1 Black Draught Treatment

81 B-1 Black Farmers Improvement Article by Robert L. Smith

82 B-1 Black Hills Institute of Geological Research

83 B-1 Blackwoods' Educational Series Third Historical Reader
England 1882
84 B-1 Blind Advances Article
Columbus 1982
85 B-1 Blue Store Location unknown

86 B-1 Bluebonnet Tour Central Texas

87 B-1 Blum's Band Performance Photo

88 B-1 Boat Charters Picture

89 B-1 Bock Family History

90 B-1 Bock, Sallie F. Funeral Notice

91 B-1 Boedeker, Laurel Obituary

92 B-1 Bollaert, William Colorado County description

93 B-2 Bond Deweese and Daniels Republic of Texas Colorado County 1838
94 B-2 Bones, Bison

95 B-2 Bonham, Donald L. Obituary

96 B-2 Booker, Gusta Biography Preacher Columbus
97 B-2 Booker, Manual R. Obituary
Columbus 1903-1984
98 B-2 Books, Documents, Prints Care of

99 B-2 Boone, Charles, Burdette

100 B-2 Booth-Brown Families Correspondence

101 B-2 Borden Assaults

102 B-2 Borden, Gail Brief Biography/Early Years

103 B-2 Borden, John Pettit Historical Marker Revolutionary Era

104 B-2 Borden Rice Culture

105 B-2 Borden Milk Company History of
Colorado County 1800's
106 B-2 Bostwick, Catherine Death Notice

107 B-2 Borden Historic Country Walk

108 B-2 Boulden, Charles L. and Family History
Colorado County
109 B-2 Boulden Family Family and Local History
Colorado County
110 B-2 Boulden, et al. Biographies ( Brief) Texas and Texans

111 B-2 Boulden, Thomas F.

112 B-2 Bowen, John Lynching Newsclipping
113 B-2 Bowers, Ann Griffith Pioneer

114 B-2 Bowers, Dr. John Henry

115 B-2 Bowers, John Henry Biography

116 B-2 Boxing Women's opposition to

117 B-2 Boyd, Whit Obituary

118 B-2 Braddock, Dee and H.H. Moore Death Sheriff J. L. Townsend Wharton County 1896
119 B-2 Braddock and Moore True West Article

120 B-2 Brand Book

Colorado County
121 B-2 Brandon Family Papers Toni Burns (donor)

122 B-2 Brandon House History

123 B-2 Brant, Wilhelmina Death notice
Colorado County
124 B-2 Braun Family Land Records
Fayette County
125 B-2 Brazil Cost of living

126 B-2 Brazoria County Plantations/Owners

127 B-2 Brazoria County Map

128 B-2 Brazos Iron Bridge Railroad Service to Columbus

129 B-2 Brick Store House Historical Marker
Colorado County
130 B-2 Breakfast With Santa

131 B-2 Breech-loading Cannon First One
Witte Museum
132 B-2 Bret Schneider School

Colorado County 1800's
133 B-2 Brisco Family History

Colorado County 1632 to 2000
134 B-2 Broadway Bar New York

135 B-2 Brod Place

Colorado County
136 B-2 Brookfield, William Revolutionary Era Document

137 B-2 Brotherton, Robert Indian Attack - Indian Attack Historical Marker Republic of Texas
138 B-2 Brown, Dewey Homer Education History
Colorado County 1942
139 B-2 Brown, John Capture
Eagle Lake
140 B-2 Brown, Rellia Homemaker
San Antonio 1914-2002
141 B-2 Brown, George Lynching

142 B-2 Brownfield, Mrs. J.B. Obituary Homemaker Columbus 1863-1950
143 B-2 Browning Plantation Bed/Breakfast Brochure Chappell Hill
144 B-2 Bruce, Jaquelin Smith Memoirs

145 B-2 Bruce, J.S. Obituary/Biography Physician Eagle Lake 1836-1829
146 B-2 Bruce, Susie Rivers Obituary Homemaker
147 B-2 Brune Cemetery

Colorado County 1890-1994
148 B-2 Brune Cemetery/Leyendecker Cemetery History of

149 B-2 Brune, Herman Nesbitt Library Program

150 B-2 Brune, Herman State Representative Campaign

151 B-2 Brune-Weige Families Family History

152 B-2 Brunson Building

153 B-2 Brunson, Charles German Immigrant
Columbus 1853
154 B-2 Brunson, Margaret Obituary/Biography
Weimar 1922
155 B-2 Brushy Last Common School
Colorado County 1956
156 B-2 Bryant, Carla Renee Funeral Program
Columbus 1962-2006
157 B-2 Bryan, City of Historic Preservation Plan
Bryan, Texas 1989
158 B-2 Buescher History of
Colorado County 1870's to present
159 B-2 Buford, Ned

160 B-2 Burford, Arthur Letter to Mother

161 B-2 Buildings - Columbus

Colorado County 1979
162 B-2 Buildings - Eagle Lake

Colorado County 1979
163 B-2 Buildings - Rural

Colorado County 1979
164 B-2 Buildings - Weimar

Colorado County 1979
165 B-2 Bunting, Emma Gillespie & son Photograph

166 B-2 Burnam's Ferry Historical Marker Location controversy
167 B-2 Burbridge, Emma Bowen El Paso Art Gallery

168 B-2 Burchfield Ministries Magazine

169 B-2 Burford, F.M. Obituary
Colorado County 1823-1877
170 B-2 Burford Family Research Notes
Colorado County
171 B-2 Burford Family Genealogy

172 B-2 Burford, Francis Marion Genealogy - Descendants of

173 B-2 Burford, James Obituary Engineer
174 B-2 Burford, Jimmie Marie Biography

175 B-2 Burford, R. F. Funeral Notice
Weimar 1890
176 B-2 Burford, Sallie C. Genealogy
Colorado County
177 B-2 Burley, Sayers Obituary World War II Veteran Weimar 1907-1985
178 B-2 Burnam Ferry Historical Marker - Article

179 B-2 Burnam, Holman and Related Families Genealogy

180 B-2 Burns, Mike Correspondence/Family History

181 B-2 Burt, John

182 B-2 Burttchell-Burt Wedding Invitation

183 B-2 Burtschell Family International Reunion

184 B-2 Burger-Frederick Family Genealogy
Colorado County 1824-1950
185 B-2 Burttschell, Joe L. Picture
186 B-2 Burr McIntosh Monthly 2 issues

1906, 1909
187 B-2 Burt Family

Colorado County 1932
188 B-2 Bush, George Critical Evaluation

189 B-2 Bush, George Campaign

190 B-2 Business History

Colorado County
191 B-2 Byars, Dr. James Obituary

192 B-2 Baker, Rollin and Mary Biographical Information

193 B-2 Burtschell Descendants Research Notes

194 B-2 Beach Family Geneology

195 B-2 Brueckner, Max Obituary
Ellinger b. 1880
196 B-2 Buar. V.H. Public Drunkeness Arrest Columbus 1880
197 B-2 Baker, Ben M. Obituary Eagle Lake Headlight Columbus 1907
198 B-2 Berry, Willie Death Certificate
Columbus 1917
199 B-2 Bowers, John Henry (1817-1907) Short Biography - Columbus Physician Handbook of Texas Columbus 1800's
200 B-2 Brumfield, Josh Funeral Program

201 B-2 Burns, Kay Neil Funeral Program

202 B-2 Barker, Victor Arnold Honorable Discharge From United States Army

203 B-2 Boenker, Alvin Stock Certificate

204 B-2 Brooks, W.H. Lot Title
Columbus 1906
205 B-2 Bushwall, Fannie Contract of Extension of Lien
Austin County
206 B-2 Bell, Edward Harold Newspaper articles Serial Murderer/CHS Class of 1957 Houston 2012
207 B-2 Badders, Neil Play Script/Program "Run Into the Roundhouse Nellie. . ." Columbus 1991
208 B-2 Baker, Charles Laurence Report (Photocopy Of) Report on Oil Prospects in Vicinity of Weimar Colorado County 1916
209 B-2 Baker, Rollin H. Manuscript "Mary & Rollin Baker in Wartime" (WWII) Texas/Colorado County 1939-1946
210 B-2 Baker, Rollin H. Manuscript/Letter to Bill Stein "Texas Wildlife Conservation. . ." Texas/Eagle Lake 1993
211 B-2 Baker, Rollin H. Novella Manuscript "The Other Santa Claus" Eagle Lake 1993
212 B-2 Bittner, Thomas Handwritten History (Photocopy) Garwood Railroads Garwood 1969
213 B-2 Boswell, Angela Book Chapter (Re: 19th C. "Patriarchal Order" "Married Women's Property Rights and. . ." Texas 2000
214 B-2 Boswell, Angela Book Chapter (Re: 19th C. Domestic Violence) "The Social Acceptability of . . ." Texas 1999
215 B-2 Boswell, Angela Book Chapter Re: Teresa E. Wooldridge Ivey "Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives" Texas 2000
216 B-2 Baker, Rollin H. Speeches, Articles By, Other Originals and Photocopies Eagle Lake, Colorado County 1980s, 1990s
217 B-2 Barbed Wire History Of, List Of Area Patent Holders Original and Photocopy Colorado County and Area 1867-20th C.
218 B-2 Baseball: Bernardo Bears Newsletters, News Article, History, Schedule Originals and Photocopies Bernardo, Colorado County 1989, 1991
219 B-2 Baseball: Columbus High School Hop Priest Tournament Schedule, Other Originals and Photocopies Columbus 1990-1998
220 B-3 Baseball: Herder Truckers TX Championship Program; Kasparek Article Originals and Photocopy Colorado County 1950, 1996
221 B-3 Baseball: Little League Tee Ball and Little League Rules Originals and Photocopies Columbus 1988
222 B-3 Basketball: Columbus High School Variety of Materials Re: Girls & Boys Teams Originals and Photocopies Columbus 1987-1988
223 B-3 Bastrop Tourism Brochure Photocopy Bastrop, TX Modern Era
224 B-3 Baylor University Brochure Re: Browning Library; Other Photocopies Waco, TX 1953; 1990-1991
225 B-3 Bellville Modern Version of Original 1848 Survey Photocopy Bellville, TX Modern Era
226 B-3 Bentsen, Lloyd (U.S. Sen., D-TX) News Clippings, Other Photocopies Texas; Washington, D.C. 1988-1994
227 B-3 Bicentennial (U.S.) Colorado County Programs, Etc. Originals Colorado County 1974, 1976
228 B-3 Big Bend National Park Tourism Information Originals Texas Various Dates
229 B-3 Blocker Auction Articles Re: New Ulm Historic Preservation Originals and Photocopies New Ulm 1988-1990
230 B-3 Borden, Gail (1777-1863) Biographies, Plats, Surveys Photocopies Borden, TX; Other 1873-Various
231 B-3 Briscoe, Dolph Texas Gov. 1972-1978 Photocopy of News Article Austin 1989
232 B-3 Budesheim-Bingen, Germany I Re: 1845 Immigration From Copies, Some Documents in German Germany; Texas Copies Modern Era
233 B-3 Budesheim-Bingen, Germany II Re: 1848 Immigration From Copies, Some Documents in German Germany; Texas Copies Modern Era
234 B-3 Budesheim-Bingen, Germany IV Genealogy, Immigration From: 18th-19th C. Copies, Most Documents in German Germany; Texas Copies Modern Era
235 B-3 Budesheim-Bingen, Germany V Re: 1830 Immigration From Germany, Lists Copies, Documents in German Germany; Texas Copies Modern Era
236 B-3 Bush, George Walker News Articles Regarding (As Texas Governor) Photocopies Austin 1994
237 B-3 Braches, Charles 1862-1863 Diary Transcript Texas Copies 1983
238 B-3 Bullock, Bob (TX Lt. Governor) Newspaper Editorials By Photocopies Austin 1989-1991
239 B-3 Burnet, David G. (1788-1870) Letters, News Articles, Legal Documents, Etc. Photocopies Texas (Republic Of) Various Dates
240 B-3 Brick Kiln Colorado County Courthouse Newspaper References Colorado County 1890's
241 B-3 Baseball World Series Souvenir Scorebook Donated by John H. Massey
242 B-3 Berger, Oscar A. Account of WWII Service Donated by Joseph Stell Native of Schulenburg 2011-2012
243 B-3 Blaschke, Jayme "The Last Madam" - Chicken Speech for ETHA Mtg La Grange 2012
244 B-3 Burtschell Family Dedication Stone Program Mentz 2013