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Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 F-1 Falls, The Recreation Area Brochure
Colorado County 2000
2 F-1 Family History Center The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Open House invitation Columbus 1993
3 F-1 Family Genealogy Article reprint National Genealogical Society Quarterly
4 F-1 Farm Animals of the U.S. U.S.D.A. Bulletin Number and Value of Farm Animals of the United States and animal Products 1880 to 1896
5 F-1 Farm and Ranch Directory Southeast Texas Edition
Austin, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, Waller Counties 1961-1963
6 F-1 Farmers Gin Company Incorporation papers
Columbus 1924
7 F-1 Farmers Improvement Society of Texas Historical Marker application
Colorado County 1889, 1991
8 F-1 Farmers Improvement Society School Robert Lloyd Smith, organizer History by Paul E. Sturdevant Oakland, Colorado County 1908, 2004
9 F-1 Farmers' Reference and Account Book Bound Book Haynie Matthews Papers
10 F-1 Farming "Farm and Ranch" article "Pioneer Texas Farming" C.W. Tait plantation Columbus 1935
11 F-1 Farms / Farming "Fundamentals of Farming and Farm Life" Edwin Jackson Kyle & Alexander Caswell Ellis
12 F-1 Fayette County Business Directory
Fayette County Modern Era
13 F-1 Fayette County 1850 Texas Census records
Fayette County 1850
14 F-1 Fayette County Civil War Records Reproduced from Texas State Archives Fayette County 1862
15 F-1 Fayette County Courthouse Restoration of Houston Post newsclipping Fayette County 1953
16 F-1 Fayette County Courthouse Picture
Fayetteville 1957
17 F-1 Fayette County Courthouse Postcards
18 F-1 Fayette County Historical Commission Appointment of members LaGrange newspaper Fayette County 1977
19 F-1 Fayette County History "History of Texas" entry F. Lotto Fayette County 1902
20 F-1 Fayette County History Notes by Bill Stein
Fayette County New Era
21 F-1 Fayette County History Report by Dianna Kansteiner
Fayette County 1963
22 F-1 Fayette County History Early Pioneer Era
Fayette County 1837
23 F-1 Fayette County History "Reminiscences of Julia Lee Sinks"
Fayette County 1876
24 F-1 Fayette County History "Fayette County: Past & Present" LaGrange High School students Fayette County 1976
25 F-1 Fayette Public Library History and services brochures
26 F-1 Fayette Public Library Friends of the Library brochure
LaGrange 1999
27 F-1 Fayette County Schools Lyons Public Free School Booklet Fayette County 1861-1900
28 F-1 Fayette Power Project Sam K. Seymour, Jr. Generating Station Dedication flyer Fayette County 1979
29 F-1 Fayette County Record April 2, 2004 edition
Fayette County 2004
30 F-1 Fayetteville Art Walk Postcards, flyers
Fayette County 2002, 2006
31 F-1 Fayetteville Business history Fayette House Guest Cottage Fayetteville Modern Era
32 F-1 Fayetteville Fine Arts Show Brochure Fayetteville 2007
33 F-1 Fayetteville Mardi Gras flyer
Fayetteville 2005
34 F-1 Fayetteville Fayetteville Music Festival flyer
Fayetteville 2008
35 F-1 Fayetteville National Historic Register celebration
Fayetteville 2008
36 F-1 Fayetteville National Historic Register walking tour Brochure Fayetteville 2008
37 F-1 Fayetteville Texas Dance Hall Program Todd Fritsch, Czech Melody Masters Fayetteville 2008
38 F-1 Fehrenkamp Bros. Staple & Fancy Groceries, Grain & Hay Bill Columbus 1920
39 F-1 FEMA Hazardous Materials Guide Booklet
40 F-1 FEMA National Warning System Operations Manual Booklet
41 F-1 FERA Federal Emergency Relief Administration article Loans to farmers
42 F-1 Feral Hog "The Feral Hog in Texas" Booklet by Rick Taylor
43 F-1 Ferrage Rates Colorado River Colorado County Commissioners' Court Records Colorado County 1845
44 F-1 Ficklin Family Genealogy Ficklin-Ficklen-Fickling Family RootsWeb report
45 F-1 Fields, Mae Lillie Obituary Newsclipping Colorado County Citizen
46 F-1 Filmmaking in Colorado County "The Windsplitter" Atlanta International Film Festival Booklet, articles 1971
47 F-1 Finklestein, William Murder of, by Sam Lewis News article Colorado County 1879
48 F-1 First Aid Booklet

49 F-1 Fischer, Ernest Gus Obituary
Bartlett, TX 1902-1997
50 F-1 Fischer, H. Civil War soldier Letter from Ernest G. Fischer Colorado County 1973
51 F-1 Fischer, Henry Private, CSA
Colorado County 1862
52 F-1 Fisher, John H. Business Ledger

53 F-1 Fisher, Mary Ann Slack Walker Obituary Weimar Mercury Weimar 1841-1923
54 F-1 Fishing Guide Humble Oil Company Tommy Zeiner, Humble Service Station Columbus 1957
55 F-2 Fitzgerald, Daryl K. Air Force Service News article Columbus 1982
56 F-2 Fitzgerald, Howard Chumney Professional Baseball Player Family letter, articles Eagle Lake 1902-1959
57 F-2 Flachmeier Family Notes by Bill Stein

58 F-2 Flachmeir, William A. Lutheran Church Minister Personal history Columbus
59 F-2 Flags, County, of Texas David Pawson, author Book and cover letter
60 F-2 Flournoy, Catherine M. "Surviving Polio, My Story" Cover letter and article Weimar 1952, 2000
61 F-2 Flynn, Robert Memoir, writing career Houston Chronicle Magazine
62 F-2 Foard, Robert L. Cemetery Tour script Civil War veteran
63 F-2 Foard, Robert L., Jr. "The Killing of Alderman Foard" News article
64 F-2 Foard-Boulden House Magazine article
Columbus 1860-1923
65 F-2 Foley, Mattie Obituary News article Columbus 1869-1975
66 F-2 Foley, W.G.L. Texas planter, 1780-1874 "Ole Foley" by Paul C. Boethel
67 F-2 Folk Arts & Crafts History of Tejano Folk Arts & Crafts Artesania Tejana

68 F-2 Folkins, Gail "Texas Dance Halls" Book advertisement
69 F-2 Folklife Texas Folklife Resources Community cultural programs
70 F-2 Food Drive Day of Caring Food Drive Flyer Colorado County 2003
71 F-2 Football, High School State High School Champions News article
72 F-2 Football, College Ninth annual Bluebonnet Bowl Program: Colorado vs Miami, Rice Stadium Houston 1967
73 F-2 Football, College College Recruiting, Matt Schobel Houston Chronicle Newspaper Columbus 1996
74 F-2 Football, Professional Aaron Schobel in Pro Bowl Website article Columbus 2006
75 F-2 Foote, Ed Cattleman Obituary Rock Island 1899
76 F-2 Foote Ranch History Margaret Rivera Colorado County
77 F-2 Ford, Charles Artist Art Exibition announcement Columbus 2003
78 F-2 Ford, Jane Attorney Indicted for fraud Columbus 1992
79 F-2 Ford Vehicle Owners Supply Book

80 F-2 Forgotten Hero, The Hooter Gibson Book of unacknowledged athletes
81 F-2 Fort Bend County List of collections pertaining to Center for American History U.T.

82 F-2 Fort Bend County Historical Marker

83 F-2 Fort Bend County Map

84 F-2 Fort Bend County Libraries Genealogy/Local History Pamphlet
85 F-2 Fort Davis Brief History of Booklet
86 F-2 Fort Worth Masons Trip Announcement
87 F-2 Fortune Teller/Palm Reader Booklet

88 F-2 Fortson, James B. Birth Certificate Certified Copy Columbus 1914
89 F-2 Foster, Kathryn E. Bio Items
Houston Early 1900's
90 F-2 Frank, Carl T. Diary Copy of document
91 F-2 Fraud In Land Sales Research notes
Colorado County Early 1900's
92 F-2 Freeman Plantation Dedication Booklet
Jefferson Undated
93 F-2 Freedmen's Bureau Booklet

94 F-2 Freight Bill Cotton seed hulls Original document
95 F-2 Friendly Flame Texas L-P Gas Assoc. Booklet
96 F-2 Freis, James Newspaper article
Weimar 1952
97 F-2 Frels Family History/Genealogy

19th-20th Century
98 F-2 Frels, Gerdt (also Eggemeyer) Descendency Research notes
99 F-2 Frels Genealogy Copies of research
100 F-2 Frelsburg Census Extract

101 F-2 Frelsburg Census Extract

102 F-2 Frelsburg Centennial Celebration/Marker Dedication Flyer
103 F-2 Frelsburg Settler's Diary (author unk.)

104 F-2 Frelsburg History of Copy of news clipping Colorado County 1840's
105 F-2 Frelsburg History of

19th-20th Century
106 F-2 Frelsburg History of

19th-20th Century
107 F-2 Frelsburg History of

19th-20th Century
108 F-2 Frelsburg History of Family History/Genealogy
109 F-2 Frelsburg History of Booklet
110 F-2 Frelsburg Home Guards Copy of list of names

Civil War Era
111 F-2 Frelsburg Human Interest Column Copy of news clipping
112 F-2 Frelsburg Land Documents

113 F-2 Frelsburg Quadrangle Map of Lilie Cemetery

114 F-2 Frelsburg Schools/document

115 F-2 Frelsburg Sesquicentennial Ceremony Pamphlet
116 F-2 Frelsburg Oak Hill Vineyard Copy of newspaper ad
117 F-2 Frelsburg/Nada Leopold Family History

118 F-2 French Immigration Research Report

19th-20th Century
119 F-2 French Legation Flyer
Austin Undated
120 F-2 French Texans Booklet

121 F-2 Frnka, Edward R. (merchant) Bio

122 F-2 Frnka, Eva Birthday Party Invitation
Columbus 2006
123 F-2 Frnka, Joseph V. Columbus Judge Research notes Columbus Undated
124 F-2 Frnka, Joseph V. Office Relocation Announcement
Columbus Undated
125 F-2 Frnka, Joseph V. Bio information Research notes
126 F-2 Frnka, Paula Political Campaign Flyer Columbus 1993
127 F-2 Frontier Life Dewees Lecture Announcement
Columbus Undated
128 F-2 Frontier River Exploration/Settlement of Colorado River Book
129 F-2 Fruits Catalogue of Booklet
130 F-2 Fuchs, Louise Pioneer Reminiscences Typed account
131 F-2 Funeral Book Visitors' List Original book
132 F-2 Farris Hotel History and correspondence
Eagle Lake 1912
133 F-2 Family Footsteps Comal Genealogical Society Book
134 F-2 Fields, James Witten Genealogy

135 F-2 Feud Houston Post Article Larkin Hope/Staffords Columbus July 8, 1890
136 F-2 First Baptist Church Bulletin
Columbus 1974
137 F-2 Farenthod, Sissy Feature Article News Clipping Photocopy Houston 1990
138 F-2 Faulk, John Henry Newsclippings Re: Illness, Death Of Photocopies Houston 1989, 1990
139 F-2 Fayetteville (TX) History Of; Art Colony; Invitation Originals and Photocopies Fayetteville Modern Era
140 F-2 Fayette Power Project (Sam K. Seymour Plant) Brochure, Map, Flyer Originals Fayette County, TX Modern Era
141 F-2 Feuds News Reports, Indictments, Other Photocopies Colorado County 1800s; 1960s
142 F-2 Film Production/Making News Articles, Photographs Originals and Photocopies Colorado County 1951; 1991
143 F-2 Film Production/Making Re: "Baby the Rain Must Fall" Photocopies of News Clippings Columbus 1963-1965
144 F-2 Fire Ants Brochures Re: Control Of Originals Tx. Dpt. Agriculture Est. 1980s or 1990s
145 F-2 First Baptist Church History Of, Programs, Directory, Proposed Addition Originals and Photocopies Columbus Various, 1950s-2000s
146 F-2 First Baptist Church 100th Anniversary Program Photocopy Eagle Lake 1975
147 F-2 First Baptist Church Mss Re: History Of Photocopy Sheridan, TX 1983
148 F-3 First State Bank 50th Anniversary Program; Old Check Originals Columbus 1963
149 F-3 Flooding, Colorado River Lower Colorado River Authority Reports Originals and Photocopies Austin 1991
150 F-3 Flowers of Texas Photo Brochures, Growing Maps, Seed Catalogs Originals Austin 1980s
151 F-3 Forests Handbooks(2) Re: Texas Forestry Originals Houston, Lufkin, Washington D.C. 1959-60; Modern Era
152 F-3 Fossils Booklets(3) Re: Fossil Finds in Texas Originals (FRAGILE) Washington, D.C. 1925; 1960; 1973
153 F-3 Free and Accepted Masons Documents Re: Organization Of Photocopies Colorado County 1850; 1860; 1868; 1872; 1875
154 F-3 Frelsburg Essays Re: History Of Originals and Photocopies Frelsburg, TX 1821-Modern Era
155 F-3 Frelsburg Businesses In: Brochures, Menu Originals Frelsburg and Area Modern Era
156 F-3 Funeral Directors, Embalmers Handbook Re: Laws, Regulations (State Board) Original (SOMEWHAT FRAGILE) Texas 1946
157 F-3 Funeral Programs Ben Davis Funeral Home Originals Columbus 1977-1979
158 F-3 Funeral Programs Ben Davis Funeral Home Originals Columbus 1980-1984
159 F-3 Funeral Programs Ben Davis Funeral Home Originals Columbus 1985-1989
160 F-3 Funeral Programs Ben Davis Funeral Home Originals Columbus 1990-1994