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Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 H-1 Hackberry Hill Flyer
Warrenton 1960's
2 H-1 Hadden League Surveyor's Report For F. M. Tolbirt Columbus 1934
3 H-1 Hahn, Jacob Descendants Genealogy by David Hahn

4 H-1 Hahn Home Flyer 3rd Annual Magnolia Homes Tour Columbus 1964
5 H-1 Hahnke Estate Savings Account Books Rev. Vernon Rabel Columbus 1952-1981
6 H-1 Haldeman-Julius Monthly Magazine

7 H-1 Halfmann Family Genealogy
8 H-1 Hall, David Lee Accidental Death Gifford Hill Gravel Plant Eagle Lake 1977
9 H-1 Hallettsville City Lots
Hallettsville 1990
10 H-1 Hallettsville Events, Services, and Map Chamber of Commerce Flyer Hallettsville
11 H-1 Halyard, Alfonson B. Obituary Civil War veteran Columbus 1861-1909
12 H-1 Halyard Family Genealogy By Willie Ann McColloch
19th-20th Century
13 H-1 Halyard, William, Sr. Genealogy Includes Weardon, Green, Taylor
14 H-1 Hamburger Home Jacob Hamburger Photograph Columbus
15 H-1 Hancher, John Leon Hale Article Houston Post Columbus 1970
16 H-1 Hancher, Tom Mayor's Final Remarks City Council Meeting Minutes Columbus 1999
17 H-1 Handgun Licenses Controversy Paul Anders Saustrup Travis County 1998
18 H-1 Handwriting Genealogical Research Paleography
19th Century
19 H-1 Harbert, Andrew Obituary Civil War Veteran Colorado County 1852-1921
20 H-1 Harbert Family Correspondence

21 H-1 Harbert, Mollie Smith Arrington Obituary Mrs. Stephen Harbert Columbus 1909
22 H-1 Harbert, William Colorado County Planter
Columbus 19th Century
23 H-1 Hardeman/McCan/Viser Family History

19th Century
24 H-1 Harper's Ferry, Virginia John Brown's Raid Handwritten notes

25 H-1 Harris Shooting Death Galveston Tri-Weekly Newspaper Columbus 1865
26 H-1 Harris, Byrtha Scholarship Sam Houston Normal Institute Colorado County 1908
27 H-1 Harris, Johnnie Funeral Notice
Weimar 1895
28 H-1 Harris, Matthew Salutatorian Speech Columbus High School Columbus 2007
29 H-1 Harris, V. L. Columbus Trading Post News article Columbus 1952
30 H-1 Harris College of Nursing Handbook
Fort Worth 1948-1949
31 H-1 Harrison, J. J. City Marshall of Columbus Colorado Citizen News Articles Columbus 1878-1880
32 H-1 Harrison, J. J. [Jesse Joyner] Obituary
Columbus 1848-1924
33 H-1 Harrison, Robert Henry, MD Historical Marker Application By James G. Hopkins Columbus 1826-
34 H-1 Harrison, William Printing Contract "History of Colorado County" Colorado County 1981
35 H-1 Harrison, William Memoir Speech at Columbus High School Colorado County 2006
36 H-1 Harrison Family Family History Documents and News Articles Colorado County
37 H-1 Harrison Family Robert Henry Harrison and Descendants Ann Herod Bianchi Colorado County
38 H-1 Harrison Family "The Three Doctors Harrison" By William H. Harrison Colorado County
39 H-1 Harrison/Dittman Families Genealogy and Family History
Colorado County
40 H-1 Harvey Abell House Photographs and Brief History
Garwood 1860's-1936
41 H-1 Harvey Creek Wildlife Management Association Newsletter Wayne Zimmerhanzel, President Colorado County
42 H-1 Hastedt, R. Lee Columbus City Manager Retirement Announcement Columbus 1952
43 H-1 Hastedt House 1640 Rampart Street Brochure and Photograph Columbus
44 H-1 Hastedt-Luman House 236 Preston Street History Columbus
45 H-1 Hastings Family History / Genealogy Collected by Miss Lee Nesbitt Columbus
46 H-1 Hatley, Allen G. Biographical Summary Author, Western History Colorado County
47 H-1 Hauschild, Henry J., Jr. Obituary Victoria Advocate Articles Victoria 1915-2005
48 H-1 Hayek, Alton Ray Obituary
Colorado County 1938-1945
49 H-1 Haynie, Mrs. H. M. Funeral Notice
Weimar 1892
50 H-1 Health Problems Lye Soap Ingestion Personal Memoir Sheridan 1920
51 H-1 Hearne Family Genealogy / History Notebook, Documents
52 H-1 "Heel-Fly Time in Texas" A Story of The Civil War Period By John Warren Hunter

53 H-1 Heinsohn, Flora Biography By Marilyn Peschel
19th-20th Century
54 H-1 Heinsohn Family Reunion 50th Family Reunion Booklet Frelsburg 2004
55 H-1 Heinsohn Family Roots Genealogy / Family History DVD Germany, Texas 2004
56 H-1 Heirlooms Papers About Linda Frank, Linda Muesse, Shirley Pustejovsky, Larry Ross, Carmen Potter, Janet Stromquist, Marvin Neuendorff, Gary McNutt, Lucy Johnson
57 H-1 Heldebrand, Will Shooting by William McDow Bastrop Vidette News Article Eagle Lake 1900
58 H-1 Heller, Anna Birth Certificate Duplicate dated 1996 Columbus 1908
59 H-1 Heller, Dixie Death Certificate
Weimar 1973
60 H-1 Heller, Eva Mae Birth Certificate Copy Columbus 1904
61 H-1 Heller, Katie Lee Scrapbook

62 H-1 Heller, Placide F., Jr. Birth Certificate Duplicate dated 1941 Fayette County 1872
63 H-1 Helmcamp, Leon Paul Obituary Houston Chronicle Article Weimar 1918-2007
64 H-1 Hemphill, Seth Obituary Colorado County Citizen Article Columbus 1895-1972
65 H-1 Hempstead County, Arkansas Census Cummins Family
1830, 1840, 1850
66 H-1 Henkhaus, Marion Obituary Funeral Program Columbus 1931-2008
67 H-1 Henneke Place History Robert Henneke Cat Spring
68 H-1 Henneke / Midike Family Genealogy Joseph Hennecke, Sr. and Anna Maria Midike Colorado County 19th Century
69 H-1 Henry, E. H., Sr. Biography By Eugene H. Henry III Eagle Lake 1884-
70 H-2 Heraldry American Coats of Arms Handbook
71 H-2 Herbert, C. C. Congressman Biographical notes Columbus 19th Century
72 H-2 Herbert, C. C. Murder of Jefferson Spears Columbus 1867
73 H-2 Herbert, C. C. Biographical notes Biographical Register of the Confederate Congress Colorado County 1814-1867
74 H-2 Herbert, Claiborne C. Biography James G. Hopkins Colorado County 1814-1867
75 H-2 Herbert, Delia Estate Sale News Article Harris County 1868
76 H-2 Herbert, Myrah Obituary Mrs. F. P. Herbert Eagle Lake 1860-1934
77 H-2 Herbert, Nathaniel Genealogy
Colorado County 19th-20th Century
78 H-2 Herbert, Nathaniel and O. E. Biographical Notes Mier Expedition and Terry's Rangers Colorado County 19th Century
79 H-2 Herbert Family Genealogy

80 H-2 Herbert / Pettus Family Genealogy Nathaniel Herbert Descendants 1815-
81 H-2 Herbs Herb Society of America Booklet Houston 1996
82 H-2 Heritage Society Museum Program Flyer Weimar 2004
83 H-2 Herman Seminary Charter Granted Never Opened Colorado County 1844
84 H-2 Herman's Seminary Documents Relating to
Frelsburg 1840's
85 H-2 Hermann University / Seminary Charter
Gillespie County 1844
86 H-2 Hermann University Register Book
Gillespie County 1844
87 H-2 Hermann University Report Translated by Jim Kearney New Braunfels 1845
88 H-2 Hermann, Sons of History The Richard Seydler Lodge No. 86 Weimar, Holman 1894-
89 H-2 Herold / Schmidt / Linbrugger Families Genealogy County Records Colorado County 1870-
90 H-2 Higgins, Jesse Genealogy Includes Halyard, Schmidt, Wearden

91 H-2 Highland Lakes (Central Texas) Tourism Brochure Central Texas Modern Era
92 H-2 Highland Scots of North Carolina Migration to America Booklet by Duane Meyer
93 H-2 Hightower, Beulah Obituary Colorado County Citizen Colorado County 1851-1933
94 H-2 Highway Controversy 1973 Old Schulenburg Estate House Correspondence Fayette County 1973
95 H-2 Hildebrand, Ruth Ann Land Dispute v. Glen P. Hurr Court of Civil Appeals Booklet Colorado County 1964
96 H-2 Hill, David Edward Children of the Republic of Texas Membership Application, John McMillan Descendant Colorado County 1987
97 H-2 Hispanic Population Census The Hispanic Population in the United States: March 1990
98 H-2 Historic Preservation Houston-Galveston Area Council Manual; includes Tait House

99 H-2 Historical Commissions State / Local News Items Hatterman Collection

100 H-2 History, Teaching of Conference University of North Texas Denton 2006
101 H-2 Hitler, Adolph Critical Letter Handwritten Poem

102 H-2 Hockley Family Birth, Marriage, Immigration Certificates Copies Colorado County 19th Century
103 H-2 Hoegemeyer, Frank Murder Charge News Article Colorado County 1964
104 H-2 Hoelscher Family Genealogy Anton & Mary Katherine Hoelscher
105 H-2 Hoelscher / Buxkemper Families History / Genealogy Reunion
106 H-2 Hofbrauhaus Restaurant Hackemack's Restaurant and B&B Brochure Frelsburg
107 H-2 Hoffmann, Franz Genealogy German Immigrant Colorado County 1819-1876
108 H-2 Hoffmann, Otto Organ Builder Booklet
109 H-2 Hoffman / Kubesch Genealogy Documents

110 H-2 Hog Raising in the South USDA Farmers' Bulletin

111 H-2 Hog Wallows How to Build Brochure

112 H-2 Hogg, James Stephen His Rise from Poverty to Governor News Article
113 H-2 Holland, Clara Report Card Hallettsville High School Mrs. Charles Klein Hallettsville 1923-24
114 H-2 Holland, Mary Obituary Colorado County Citizen Columbus 1872-1959
115 H-2 Holland, Miss Willie Farrar Obituary Colorado County Citizen Columbus 1926
116 H-2 Holman, Cathy Fuchs Artist Business Card Weimar 2000
117 H-2 Holman, Ninnie Cummins Obituary Weimar Mercury LaGrange 1890
118 H-2 Holman Family History Files of Lee Nesbitt Colorado County
119 H-2 Holman - Seifert Home History Leon Hale Column, Houston Post Weimar 1973
120 H-2 Holman - Seifert Homestead Texas Historical Marker Dedication Program Weimar 1977
121 H-2 Holste Family Genealogy Booklet Fayette & Colorado Counties
122 H-2 Holt, Buck Obituary News Article Weimar 1892-1974
123 H-2 Holt, James W. Manuscript Correspondence Regarding

124 H-2 Home Parties & Games Social History Book
125 H-2 Homemaker Schools Education - Cooking Newsletters
126 H-2 Heller, Annie Ada Hope Death Certificate
Columbus 1879-1965
127 H-2 Hope, Larkin S. Constable Murdered News Article Columbus
128 H-2 Hope, Marion Obituary News Article Gonzales County 1911
129 H-2 Hopkins, Dennis Sheffield Farmer, Civil War Veteran Biography, Record of Southwest Texas Gonzales County 19th Century
130 H-2 Hopkins, James Correspondence

131 H-2 Hopkins, James G. & Mary Elizabeth Correspondence Cobbs, Sebesta, Burrell, von Roeder
132 H-2 Hopkins, Kate Gillespie Death Certificate
Colorado County 1877-1973
133 H-2 Hopkins Collection POW Camps / WW II Notes, Photographs Colorado County
134 H-2 Hopkinsville R. L. Miller, City Official Biography Gonzales County 19th Century
135 H-2 Hoppe, Louis Biography & Correspondence Regarding German, with some translation

136 H-3 Horak, Charlene Newspaper article 4-H dress contest Weimar
137 H-3 Horse Races Morgan Trotters Flyer Columbus 1973
138 H-3 Horses Registry of Deliveries

139 H-3 Horticulture & Kindred Subjects U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Book
140 H-3 Hospital Newspaper article
Columbus Undated
141 H-3 Hotel Register Photocopies
Columbus (?) 1910
142 H-3 Housing Characteristics Prairieview A&M Information Report S. East Texas 1975
143 H-3 Houston, Sam Memorial Museum Quarterly Issues of magazine
144 H-3 Hosuton, Sam Baptism brochure
Independence 1854
145 H-3 Houston Miscellaneous material
Houston Undated
146 H-3 Houston Astronomical Society Handbook
Houston 1985
147 H-3 Houston Colt 45s Seminar Flyer
Columbus Undated
148 H-3 Houston Revitalization of Inner City Conference booklet Houston 1979
149 H-3 Houston Ethnic Communities Booklet Houston 1996
150 H-3 Houston Lawyer, The Justice Comes To Texas Periodical Houston 1999
151 H-3 Houston Livestock Rodeo 50 Year Celebration Flyers Houston 1982
152 H-3 Houston Museum of Fine Arts Booklets
Houston Undated
153 H-3 Houston Music Theatre Flower Drum Song Program
Houston Undated
154 H-3 Houston, Port of Booklet: "A Banner Year"
Houston 2005
155 H-3 Houston, Port of Environmental Repor5 Booklet Houston 2005
156 H-3 Houston Symphony Society Performance Programs
Houston 1953; 1954; 1955
157 H-3 Houston Tourism Pamphlets
Houston Undated
158 H-3 Houston Westbury Senior High Commencement Programs Houston 1967
159 H-3 Houswyn Club Dance/Souvenir Journal
New York, N. Y. 1923
160 H-3 Howard, Cicero Obituary
Eagle Lake 1919
161 H-3 Hruby, Fred G. Birth Certificate Photocopy Ammansville 1907
162 H-3 Hruby, Joseph Birth Certificate Photocopy Holman 1907
163 H-3 Hudgins, Joe Award for Preservation Newspaper article Wharton County 2000
164 H-3 Hudgins, Merle Stein Correspondence

165 H-3 Huebel, Audrey Methodist Nursing School Original Correspondence Houston/Columbus 1942
166 H-3 Huebel Family Papers Melvin/Junior/Audrey/Charles/Robert Various Papers Columbus 1930's-1960's
167 H-3 Huepers, George R. Obituary Photocopy Weimar 1945
168 H-3 Hughes, Patrick Performance Program
Nacogdoches 2004
169 H-3 Hughes, Patrick ETHA Presentation Brochure
170 H-3 Hughes, W. A. Civil War/Hunting Experiences Typed notes Eagle Lake 1917
171 H-3 Hughes, W. A. Texas' Greatest Hunter Typed notes Eagle Lake Undated
172 H-3 Humble Oil Co. Advice to Oldsmobile Owner Original Letter to W. G. Dick Columbus 1935
173 H-3 Humble Oil Touring Service Charles Klein's Trip to Mexico Original Letter and Trip Log Columbus 1947
174 H-3 Humphreys Family Genealogy/Family History Research Notes
175 H-3 Hunt, Helen (Mrs. Horace) Obituary Newspaper Clipping Columbus Undated
176 H-3 Hunt, Horace Murder Incident Newspaper Clipping Columbus 1938
177 H-3 Hunt, W. G. Will Executor Document Original Columbus 1899
178 H-3 Hunt, William G. Obituary Pioneer Soldier 1823-1836 Columbus Undated
179 H-3 Hunt, Carroll Elopement Article Newspaper Clipping Columbus 1937
180 H-3 Hunt House (William G.) Research Notes
Columbus Modern Era
181 H-3 Hunters Education Manual

182 H-3 Hunting Ranches Flyers
Columbus, etc. Modern Era
183 H-3 Hurr vs. Hildebrand Land Dispute Appellees' Brief Columbus 1964
184 H-3 Hurricane Carla (1961) U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Report

185 H-3 Hutchins, W. J. Land Dispute (M. A. Verament) Copy of Court Document
186 H-3 Hutchins Family Research Notes

187 H-3 Hutchison, Kay Bailey 1993 Indictment Newspaper Clipping Austin 1993
188 H-3 Huvar, Frank Obituary Newspaper Clipping Weimar 1929
189 H-3 Hopkins, James Sr. Dentist Bill
Bellville 1990
190 H-3 Hill, Harriet Obituary

191 H-3 Harbert, Stephen 100th Birthday Eagle Lake Headlight Columbus Jan. 23, 1907
192 H-3 Headwaters Construction Materials Air Permit Application
Alleyton 2010
193 H-3 Heger, Glen 82nd Legislative Review

194 H-3 Harrison, Randall Tombstone information Confederate soldier
195 H-3 Hagen, Linda Faye Strickhausen Funeral Program
Columbus 2011
196 H-3 Hill, John H. Honorable Discharge from United States Army

197 H-3 Horne, Willie Land Titles
Columbus 1930
198 H-3 Hluchanek, Joe Book: "The Touch of Roy and Dale" Original Columbus 2011
199 H-3 Homes Tour News Articles By Lee Quinn Nesbitt Photocopies Columbus 1960s-1980s (Incomplete)
200 H-4 Hallettsville Tourism Brochure Original Hallettsville, TX Modern Era
201 H-4 Harrington, D. Roy Program Re: "Governor For A Day" Original Austin 1968
202 H-4 Heart Transplants Re: Denton Cooley, Michael DeBakey Photocopies of News Clippings Houston 1989
203 H-4 HemisFair Variety of Materials Regarding Originals San Antonio, TX 1966, 1968
204 H-4 "Heritage" Magazines (2) Includes Articles On Columbus Originals Austin 1988, 1992
205 H-4 Hightower, Jim Newspaper Clippings Photocopies Austin 1989
206 H-4 Historical Markers Guidelines, Sample Application, Handbook Originals and Photocopies Austin, Columbus Modern Era
207 H-4 "History of the Square D Club" Mss. Re: History of Local Square Dance Club Photocopy Colorado County 1948-1977
208 H-4 Hobby, William P. Photos, News Clippings Originals and Photocopies Houston, Austin 1989-1992
209 H-4 Hofheinz, Fred Newspaper Clippings Photocopies Houston 1989
210 H-4 "Houston Archeological Society Journal" Article Re: Koehl Site Artifacts Original Colorado County 1994
211 H-4 "Houston Post" Newspaper Article Re: Colorado County Voters' Status Photocopy Houston; Colorado County 1960
212 H-4 Houston "The Buffalo Tree" Handbook W/Illustrations Original Houston 1959
213 H-4 Houston, Sam News Clippings; Brochure Original and Photocopies Houston; Huntsville, TX 1993
214 H-4 Hunting and Fishing Guides Texas Parks and Wildlife Handbook(s) Originals Austin 1989-1990
215 H-4 Huntsville Tourism Materials Originals Huntsville Modern Era
216 H-4 Hutchinson, Kay Bailey Campaign Material, Newspaper Clippings Originals and Photocopies Austin 1993-1994
217 H-4 Harrison, Dittman Oral/Video Interview Summary
Colorado County 2011
218 H-4 Hope, Larkin Townsend Shootings Trial Documents-Photocopies Colorado County 1891
219 H-4 HCM Air Permit Renewal Application
Alleyton 2009
220 H-4 High Speed Rail Project Map
Houston-S.A.-Dallas 1993