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Last Updated February 21, 2013
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Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 N-1 NAACP Banquet Ticket
Columbus 1993
2 N-1 NAACP Tacoma, WA Awards Banquet Newsletter
3 N-1 NASA Space Program Louise Dick Columbus Varies
4 N-1 Nacogdoches Brief History Booklet
5 N-1 Nacogdoches, Texas Outline Map Gas tickets-Hopkins

6 N-1 Nacogdoches Tourism/History Pamphlets Nacogdoches
7 N-1 Nada Cemetery Notes
Nada 1800-1900's
8 N-1 Nada History/Historical Marker Elizabeth Schoellmann Nada 1990
9 N-1 Nada History Notes
late 1800's-1900's
10 N-1 Nada New Post Office Photographs Nada
11 N-1 Nada/Weimar Catholic Schools Annual Report Nada/Weimar 1918-1919
12 N-1 Nada St. Mary's School Newspaper article Nada 1947
13 N-1 Nagel, Charles Notes Visit to Cat Spring
14 N-1 Nagel, Charles Immigration Controversy
New York Times 1911
15 N-1 Nagel, Herman Letters
St. Louis 1860's
16 N-1 Nance, Joseph Milton reference in book

17 N-1 National Archives Guide to Genealogical Records Book National Archives 1964
18 N-1 National Archives Southwest Region: Fort Worth Guide to Records
19 N-1 National Archives Fort Worth Branch Legal Records
20 N-1 National Guard Company D Booklet
21 N-1 National Wildlife Federation Goal/Fundraising Pamphlets
22 N-1 Natural Gas Contracts

23 N-1 Naturalization Records Handwritten notes
Colorado County 1856-1860
24 N-1 Naumann, Moritz Descendants of Genealogy

25 N-1 Navasota Gas Distribution Co. Ordinance

26 N-1 Nave Family Social History Deeds James G. Hopkins 1920's
27 N-1 Navy Frigate Constitution History of Seymour Collection
28 N-1 Naylor, Alice Exhibition of Art Columbus Art Gallery Columbus 1960
29 N-1 Neal, Ben H. Personal Correspondence Various topics
30 N-1 Neal, B.H. Bill of Sale/Pension
Frelsburg 1896
31 N-1 Neal, Elizabeth/Thomas Lee Marriage
Harris County 1902
32 N-1 Neal Family Genealogy Bible Family Records
33 N-1 Nelson, Anton Family History Swedish Immigration Student Essay-Bernardo 19th-20th c.
34 N-1 Nelson-Burtschell Families Genealogy

35 N-1 Nesbitt, Lee Colorado Court Actions Confederacy
36 N-1 Nesbitt, Lee Correspondence Tait graves
37 N-1 Nesbitt, Lee Family History Composition book
38 N-1 Nesbitt, Lee Investment & Philanthropy

39 N-1 Nesbitt, Lee Library property Bought & built
40 N-1 Nesbitt, Lee Nesbitt Library Leon Hale Article Houston Post 1979
41 N-1 Nesbitt, Lee Personal Correspondence & notes
Columbus 1950's-1970's
42 N-1 Nesbitt, Lee Personal Stories

43 N-2 Nesbitt Library Baseball Seminar
44 N-2 Nesbitt Library Bison Skull
Colorado County 2004
45 N-2 Nesbitt Library Book Orders
Columbus 1980's-1990's
46 N-2 Nesbitt Library Budgets
Columbus 1993-1995
47 N-2 Nesbitt Library Business correspondence Internal memos, ads. etc. Columbus 1980's-1990's
48 N-2 Nesbitt Library Business correspondence Internal memos, ads, etc Columbus 1980's-1990's
49 N-2 Nesbitt Library Business correspondence
Columbus 1980's-1990's
50 N-2 Nesbitt Library Circulation
Columbus 1979-1983
51 N-2 Nesbitt Library Circulation
Columbus 1984-1988
52 N-2 Nesbitt Library Computer Information
Columbus 1992
53 N-2 Nesbitt Library Doll Collection Donations Columbus 1999
54 N-2 Nesbitt Library Friends of the Library Membership Campaign Columbus
55 N-2 Nesbitt Library Goals/Policies
56 N-2 Nesbitt Library Journal Covers
Columbus 1996,1997, 2001
57 N-2 Nesbitt Library Microfilm Index/Census records
58 N-2 Nesbitt Library Photo collection data
59 N-2 Nesbitt Library Programs
Columbus 2002-2006
60 N-2 Nesbitt Library Summer Movie Club
Columbus 2003
61 N-2 Nesbitt Library Symposium on Texas History
Columbus 2002
62 N-2 Nesbitt Library Symposium on Texas History
Columbus 2003
63 N-2 Nesbitt Memorial Library Texas Room Arrangement
Columbus 1990
64 N-2 Nesbitt Memorial Library Archives Leak/Humidity Letters Columbus 1990's
65 N-2 Nesbitt Memorial Library Texas Room Map Letters and Drawings Columbus 1988
66 N-2 Nesbitt-Nisbet Society Newsletter

67 N-2 Nesbitt Papers Colorado Co. In Civil War Court proceedings Columbus 1860's
68 N-2 Neuendorff, Kim Wagner Price List
69 N-2 New Bielau-Content History Booklets
70 N-2

71 N-2 New England Writers Anthology of Booklet
72 N-2 New Ulm Arts Festival Brochure & Entry Form New Ulm 2000
73 N-2 New Ulm Fire Department Fundraiser - Flier New Ulm
74 N-2 New Ulm/Frelsburg New Ulm Enterprise Newspaper New Ulm 1978
75 N-2 New Ulm New Ulm Broadcasting Co. Forms for FCC New Ulm 1991
76 N-2 New Ulm George Miller Mink trapping New Ulm 1939
77 N-2 New Ulm Tourism/Business History Hackemack's Brochure New Ulm
78 N-2 New Year Colorado County Citizen carrier Ellis D. Brooks Columbus 1892
79 N-2 New York World Fair Map
New York 1939
80 N-2 New Yorker Magazine Colorado Co. people mentioned New York 1965
81 N-2 Newsome, E. P. Obituary Newspaper article Eagle Lake 1841-1915
82 N-2 Newspapers Weimar Mercury Mrs. James G. Hopkins Weimar 1920
83 N-2 Newspapers Texas-List of

20th c.
84 N-2 Norris, F. O. Obituary/Biography Physician Eagle Lake 1850-1912
85 N-2 Northrup Opera House Dance Party Advertisement Newspaper Article Columbus
86 N-2 Northrup, Sunbeam Tour behind Iron Curtain Typed Document
87 N-2 Noska Family Genealogy e-mail Columbus 2003
88 N-2 Novosad, Charlie J. Celebration of Life Pamphlet Columbus 1921-2009
89 N-2 Nesbitt, Doris Legal papers

90 N-2 Nesbitt Memorial Library Correspondence
Columbus 2009-2010
91 N-2 Nesbitt Memorial Library News Articles & Fliers
Columbus 2012
92 N-3 NASA Photos, News Clippings, Various Originals and Photocopies Various NASA Sites 1950s; 1960s; 1980s
93 N-3 Native Plants Handbook, Flyer (Jill Nokes, Author) Originals Texas/Columbus 1985; 1995
94 N-3 Naylor's "Epic Century" Magazine Excerpt (By O.A. Zumwalt) Originals (FRAGILE) Unknown, Re: Colorado County 1936
95 N-3 Neff, Pat Morris (TX Governor) Booklet of Neff's Speeches Original Austin 1923
96 N-3 Nesbitt Memorial Library Library Patron Survey Form Original Columbus 1995-1996
97 N-3 New Braunfels Tourism Materials Originals New Braunfels, TX 1990s