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Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 UV-1 UCV Reunion Pamphlet Original Waco, TX 1902
2 UV-1 United Daughters of Confederacy Meeting Programs (2) Original; Photocopy Columbus 1962-1963; 1993-1994
3 UV-1 United Daughters of Confederacy Member List, Dunovant Chapter Photocopy Eagle Lake 1928
4 UV-1 United Daughters of Confederacy UDC Museum Improvements including sketch Originals and Photocopies Columbus 1988
5 UV-1 United Daughters of Confederacy
ilitary Crosses
Program Original Columbus 2002
6 UV-1 United Daughters of Confederacy Members List, 1900-1984 Original; Photocopy Columbus 1984
7 UV-1 United Daughters of 1812 News Letter in Booklet Form Original Little Rock, AK 1925
8 UV-1 U.S. Army Rifle Scorebook Original Washington, D.C. 1923
9 UV-1 U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) Newsletter Original Colorado County 2006
10 UV-1 U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) Pamphlet re: Foreign Markets Original Washington, D.C. 1896
11 UV-1 United States Flag Booklet Original Boston, MA 1944
12 UV-1 U.S. Presidential Assassination News Article (Houston Post) Original Houston 1963
13 UV-1 U.S. Marine Corp Band Program Original Washington, D.C. Modern Era
14 UV-1 U.S. Military, WWI Soldiers List Of Photocopy Colorado County Modern Era
15 UV-1 U.S. Military, War Games List Regarding Typewritten Original Unknown Modern Era
16 UV-1 United States, New Deal Program Newspaper Articles Original Temple, TX (Daily Telegram) 1935
17 UV-1 United States Politics, Appointments Various Photocopies New York, NY (New York Times) 1908
18 UV-1 U.S./Mexico Relations, Trade Speech Script (Rep. Hudspeth, TX) Original Washington, D.C. 1883, 1927
19 UV-1 U.S. Senate Diagram, Seating Of Original Washington, D.C. Modern Era
20 UV-1 U.S., End of WWI Newspaper Article (Houston Post) Original Houston 1918
21 UV-1 U.S. Treasury Report Booklet Original Washington, D.C. 1896
22 UV-1 University of Texas Baseball Note to Bill Stein Handwritten Original Columbus 2000
23 UV-1 University of Texas Football Program, OU/Texas Original Austin, TX 2007
24 UV-1 University of Texas Invitation, 2nd Century Gala Original Austin, TX 1993
25 UV-1 Upton, John C. Book Excerpt Photocopy Fayette County c. 1860s
26 UV-1 United Daughters of Confederacy Handbook Original Columbus 1950
27 UV-1 Valley Sun (Sun Valley) Tabloid Original Sun Valley, Idaho 1966
28 UV-1 Val Verde, Battle of 1862 Letter/News Article Typed Copy Columbus 1862
29 UV-1 Vaughn, Tommie Auto Country Business Card Original Columbus Modern Era
30 UV-1 Venghaus, Reinhard Obituary Photocopy Columbus 1963
31 UV-1 Venghaus/Miller Families Family History, Genealogy Handwritten Original Colorado County 1963
32 UV-1 Victor, William O. Brief Biography Photocopy Wharton, TX Area 1894
33 UV-1 Victor, William O. Bears Killed Photocopy Wharton Area; Weimar (Mercury) 1892, 1896
34 UV-1 Victoria College Symposium Papers Notebook Original Victoria, TX 1980
35 UV-1 Victoria College Symposium Papers Notebook Original Victoria, TX 1980
36 UV-1 Victoria County Historical Markers Guide To Booklet Original Victoria, TX 2000
37 UV-1 Victoria County Historical Map Folding Map, Includes Local History Original Victoria, TX 2000
38 UV-1 Victoria/Colorado County Land Assessment, Records Photocopy Victoria County 1843
39 UV-1 Victoria, City of Advertisement re: Book on Founding Of Photocopy Victoria, TX Modern Era
40 UV-1 Victoria Reads Community Reading Program Programs Schedule Photocopy Victoria, TX 2004
41 UV-1 Victoria Regional History Center News Article Regarding (Victoria Advocate) Computer Generated Copy Victoria, TX 2003
42 UV-1 Victoria College Brochures re: Stormont Lectures Originals Victoria, TX 2003
43 UV-1 Virginia Historical Markers Tourist Guide To, Booklet Original Strasburg, VA 1931
44 UV-1 Val Verde, Battle Of Newspaper Item, Letter Photocopy Columbus 1897
45 UV-1 Val Verde Winery, History Of Book Original El Paso (Univ. of Texas, El Paso) 1985
46 UV-1 Veterans Community Center Reunion Flyer Photocopy Columbus 1993
47 UV-1 Von-Maszewski, W.M. Correspondence; Harris Memoirs Originals and Photocopies Columbus 1992
48 UV-1 Voter, War Ballot (WWII) Postcard Original Columbus 1944
49 UV-1 Vox Populi Postcard Original Vox Populi, Colorado County 1908
50 UV-1 Vox Populi News Article re: School Funding Original Columbus 1923
51 UV-1 Vinyard, California Flyer re: Truchard Vineyards Computer Generated Napa, CA 2004
52 UV-1 Voskamp, Ardney Photograph Original Colorado County 1941
53 UV-1 VFW/ American Legion Photographs Originals Columbus 1984-1985
54 UV-1 University of Alabama Baccalaureate Program Original Tuscaloosa, AL 1835
55 UV-1 Ursuline Academy Pen and Ink Drawing Of Original Galveston, TX 1961
56 UV-1 University of Texas Press Catalogue Original Austin, TX 2002-2003
57 UV-1 Vacek and Related Families Genealogy-Notebook Photocopy Bohemia; Colorado and Nearby Counties Modern Era
58 UV-1 Vietnam War, Protest Newspaper Article Original Austin, TX 1960s
59 UV-1 Vint, Edward L. Political Campaign Card Original Colorado and Austin Counties Modern Era
60 UV-1 Veramendi, M.A./W.J. Hutchins Court Records re: Land Dispute Photocopy Colorado County 1880
61 UV-1 Victorian Society News Article re: First Meeting Of Photocopy Columbus 1978
62 UV-1 United Daughters of the Confederacy, Local Programs, Invitations Originals Columbus 1964-1971; 1995
63 UV-1 University of Houston News Clippings Regarding Photocopies Houston 1991
64 UV-1 University of Texas News Clippings; Newsletter Originals and Photocopies Austin 1990; 1991; 1994
65 UV-1 Volleyball, Columbus High School Programs, Schedules, Etc. Originals Columbus 1987-1998
66 UV-1 Volksfest News Articles, Correspondence Originals, Copies Columbus; Germany 1876; 1972
67 UV-1 Veterans of Foreign Wars "The Vet Voice" Newsletter Original Columbus 1994
68 UV-1 Victoria County Tourism Information Originals Victoria County, TX Modern Era