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Colorado County Bibliography
Sections 3-6

In Eight Sections

Section 1 - Books and Pamphlets 
Section 2 - Articles
Section 3 - Dissertations and Theses
Section 4 - Privately Circulated Manuscripts Held in Public Collections 
Section 5 - Business History Books and Pamphlets 
Section 6 - Church History Books and Pamphlets 
Section 7 - Speeches, Poetry, and Fiction 
Section 8 - Genealogy Books and Articles


Section 3 - Theses and Dissertations

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Atkinson, Lillie E. "Slavery in the Economy of Colorado County." Master's thesis, Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1954.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Boswell, Angela. "’Separate and Apart’: Women’s Public Lives in a Rural Southern County, 1837-1873." Dissertation, Rice University, 1998.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Brown, Dewey Homer. "The History of Education in Columbus, Colorado County, Texas." Master's thesis, Sul Ross State Teachers College, 1942.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Carroll, Robert. "Robert Lloyd Smith and the Farmer's Improvement Society of Texas." Master's thesis, Baylor University, 1974. GA F-1 8

Gawlik, Dale Edward. "Competition and Predation as Processes Affecting Community Patterns of Geese." Dissertation, Texas A&M University, 1994. Call # TR S1 976.44

Hobaugh, William Carl. "Wintering Ecology of Geese in the Rice Prairie Area of Southeast Texas." Dissertation, Texas A&M University, 1982.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Loessin, Jon K. "A Study of Transportation Needs Among Senior Citizens in Colorado County, Texas." Master's thesis, Sam Houston State University, 1984.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Shaw, Norma. "The Early History of Colorado County Organized as a Model for Teaching a Local History Unit." Master's thesis, Southwest Texas State Teachers College, 1939.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Terry, Katherine Lynn. "An Evaluation of Avian Use of a Rice-Wetland System." Master's thesis, Texas A&M University, 1996.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Thrower, Omi Bailey. "The History of the Leading Industries of Colorado County Compiled as a Model for Teaching Local Industries in Social Science." Master's thesis, Southwest Texas State Teachers College, 1938.  Call # TR S1 976.44


Section 4 - Privately Circulated Manuscripts Held in Public Collections

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Anderson, Ruth. "Chesterville Colorado County, Texas 1895-1920." 1970. Revised 1981. 50+ pages. Contains 28 pages of recollections by early settler Alvina Chester.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Baker, Charles Laurence. "Report on Oil Prospects in the vicinity of Weimar, Colorado County, Texas." 1916. 7 pages. Ms. 5 Box 11 File 2

Carlson, Shawn Bonath. "An Archaeological Reconnaissance of the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railhead (41CD132) at Alleyton, Texas." 1997. 26 pages.  Ms.5 Box 11 File 10

Colorado County Historical Survey Committee. "Early Settlers and Bits of History of Columbus and Colorado County 1821-1845." 1973. 39 pages. Reprinted as an appendix to the Colorado County Historical Commission's two volume set, Colorado County Chronicles.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Cranek, Lester J. "History of Vox Populi." 1983. 2 pages.  Ms.5 Box 5 File 12

Flachmeier, William August. "Colorado College and its Founders." 25 pages.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Flournoy, Catherine Marie Ulrich. “Surviving Polio, My Story.” 2000. 5 pages.  GA F-2 60

Harrison, William Henry. "Early Leaders and Developers of Eagle Lake." 2000.  Ms.33?

Harrison, William Henry. "History of Banking in Colorado County, Texas." 1976. 99 pages.  Ms.33?

Harrison, William Henry. "Mayors of Eagle Lake, Texas." 2000. [50+] pages. Ms.33?

Harrison, William Henry. "Past Masters of Eagle Lake Masonic Lodge #366." 2001. [100+] pages.  Ms.33?

Harrison, William Henry. "Some Are Here, Some Are Gone." 1999. [100+] pages. A guide to historic houses of Eagle Lake, with color photographs. Properly done and valuable.  Ms.33?

Heine, Dorothy Jean. “The Alleys Came to Texas.” c. 1980. 7 pages.  Ms.5 Box 11 File 19

Hill, Harry Blackburn, and Felix A. Vogel, Jr. Petroleum-Engineering Study of Sheridan Field, Colorado county, Texas. U. S. Bureau of Mines, 1949. 94 pages. Ambitious, detailed, and highly technical, with many illustrations.  Ms.5 Box 11 File 21.

"History of the Square D Club." c. 1975. 11 pages.  GA H-4 207

"A History of the Thomas and Clipson Rodeo Company 1945-1955." c. 1992. 50+ pages.*

Hopkins, James G. “The Colorado County Firsts in Texas.” 1974. 10 pages. Revised 1992. 5 pages.*

Hopkins, James G. "Early History of Rock Island, Texas." 1980. 39 pages. GA  Q-R-2 118

Hopkins, Mary Elizabeth. "Developing a Rural Community: A Case Study of Columbus, Texas." 1973. 27 pages.  GA Columbus-4 241

Hopkins, Mary Elizabeth. "Dr. Sam H. Burford Columbus, Texas."  Hopkins Ctn 8

Hopkins, Mary Elizabeth. "A Short History of Colorado County." 1978. 27 pages.  Hopkins Ctn 23 File 7

Kearney, James C. "A History and Evaluation of the Magnolia Homes Tour, Inc., in Columbus, Texas." c. 1974. 13 pages.  Ms.5 Box 11 File 26

Mucala, Vlasta. "Recollections of My Memories of Oakland and the People That Were Living There and Made Its History." 1986. 36 pages. Handwritten.  Ms.5 Box 11 File 37

Nesbitt, Lee Quinn. "The Construction of the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos, and Colorado Railroad 1853-1860." c. 1970. 15 pages.  *

Nesbitt, Lee Quinn. “History of Lonnie Coleman.” 1984. 8 pages.  Ms.5 Box 11 File 39

Nesbitt, Lee Quinn. "A History of Rock Island, Texas." 5 pages.  Ms.5 Box 11 File 38

Nicewander, Ethel Flesher. "Rock Island, Texas My Old Home Town." 1980. 52 pages.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Noser, Garnett Pickett and Walter P. Noser. "Early German Immigrants to Bernardo, Mentz, Frelsburg Colorado County, Texas." 1982. 49 pages.  Call # TR S1 976.44 

Noser, Walter P. "Peter Pieper and Neighbors of Colorado County." 1987. 24 pages.  Call # TR S1 976.45

[Pastor, Sidney J., comp.] "History of Lower Colorado County." 1964. 39 pages. Short articles written by high school students regarding Garwood, Nada, Vox Populi, and the area. Hopkins Ctn 1b File 20

Pieratt, Shirley Insall. "Henry J. Insall, Confederate Officer" and "Henry Insall II, Marshal of Weimar; and Thomas Monroe Insall, Cattle King of Colorado County." Chapters 9 (5 pages) and 10 (13 pages) in Cade Insall, Texas Ranger . . . and his people. 1983. Shameless attempt to glorify ancestors at the expense of facts. Call # TR S4 92 INS

Sandlin, Justin F. The Tait Letters. Florence, Alabama, 1988. 130 pages. Bound volume of xerographic copies of Tait family letters, with some transcriptions and an index.  *

Schoellmann, Elizabeth Cecilia Leopold. My Life. 2002. 200+ pages. Wonderfully interesting autobiography of a rural woman from southern Colorado County.  Call # TR 976.43

Shatto, Janice. Early Days of Columbus. 1973. 100+ pages. Scrapbook of material from other works.  Call # TR  S1 976.44

Shatto, Janice, Lee Quinn Nesbitt, Myrah Jane Draper, and Mackie D. Kearney. A History of Columbus, Texas. 1978. 79 pages. Collection of four papers that originally ran in a local newspaper, the Colorado County Citizen, in 1973.  *

Stancik, Darlene Marie. "Medical History of Colorado County." 1982. 93 pages.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Stancik, Joyce Matthews. "Osage Colorado County, Texas." 1989. 9 pages.  Ms.5 Box 11 File 45

Stell, W. Joseph. "Josephine’s Granddaughter: The Remembrances of Agnes Stanley Schenk David." 1998. Revised and enlarged edition, 2001. The story of a girl who was adopted from an orphan train.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Strunk, Henry O. "Oakland ‘On the Navidad.’" 5 pages.  Ms.5 Box 11 File 47

Townsend, Howard William. "The Townsend-Reese Feud of Colorado County." 1956. 19 pages.  GA T-3 191

Treybig, Arliss Annette. "Pilgrimage to the Past A History of the Mentz-Bernardo Community." 1982. 50+ pages.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Wintermann, David Rudolph. "History of Rice." 12 pages.  Ms.5 Box 11 File 50


Section 5 - Business History Books and Pamphlets

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Columbus State Bank, Columbus, Texas 1919-1985. Columbus, 1985. [16] pages. Well illustrated with color photographs, two of which were artfully colorized, this pamphlet, issued upon the opening of the completely remodeled bank building, contains much valuable information. GA Columbus-5 365

Eagle Lake Community Hospital Celebrates 50 Years of Outstanding Health Care to the Community. Eagle Lake: Eagle Lake Headlight, 1992. 16 pages. Contains Ernest Mae Seaholm's and Jim Buckner's "Health Care History in Eagle Lake" and other material.  GA Oversized GA-33 9

The First National Bank of Eagle Lake 75th Anniversary. Eagle Lake, 1979. 12 pages. Contains many photographs and a history of the bank’s first 75 years.  Ms.5 Box 1 File 13

Golden Anniversary Fifty Years of Service to the People of Colorado County. Columbus, 1963. [24] pages. Issued in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the First State Bank of Columbus, stuffed with photographs and biographical sketches of officers, directors, and employees.  GA F-3 148

Sam K. Seymour 1891-1956. 1956. 12 pages. Pamphlet published in commemoration of the store's 65th anniversary, contains lists of family members and store employees and a brief history of the store.   GA S-3 117


Section 6 - Church History Books and Pamphlets

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Celebration of the Ninety-Seventh Anniversary and Homecoming Observance Mt. Arie Baptist Church [Weimar]. 1976. 12 pages. Call #  TR 976.4 CEL

Centennial of St. Anthony's Church Columbus, Texas 1972. [1972]. 71 pages.   Call # TR 976.4 CEN

Centennial of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Frelsburg, Texas June 29th 1847-1947. [1947]. 28 pages.  Call # TR 976.4 CEN

Christ Church Eagle Lake, Texas 100th Anniversary. Eagle Lake: Laker Printing, 1985. 14 pages.  Religious Collection Box File 4

Colly Memorial United Methodist Church [Eagle Lake] Centennial Celebration. 1972. 12 pages.  Hopkins Ctn 21 File 23

The Commemorative Booklet 1909-1984 First Presbyterian Church [Eagle Lake]. 1984. 17 pages.  GA P-2 120

The Dedication of St. Paul Lutheran Church Columbus, Texas. 1968. 7 pages. Religious Box 006 File 21

Dick, Hattie Mae Everett. "A Brief History of the First Baptist Church Columbus." 1955. 9 pages.   Religious Box 001 File2

Ellis, Jean Halfmann. Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church 1994. 1994. [27] pages. Religious  Box 002 File 33

Ellis, Jean Halfmann. Sesquicentennial of Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Frelsburg, Texas June 29th 1847-1997. New Ulm, 1997. [50+] pages.  Religious Box 002 File 33

Grace Lutheran Church Eagle Lake, Texas 50th Anniversary. 1985. 14 pages.  *

Gunn, Catherine and Jack Montgomery. One Hundred Years of Methodism in Weimar. Shiner: Shiner Gazette, 1974. [36] pages. Hopkins Ctn 21 File 24

History of Christ Episcopal Church Eagle Lake, Texas. 1957. 9 pages. *

History of First Baptist Church Columbus, Texas. 1980. 42 pages. Cal l# TR 283.764 HIS

A History of First Methodist Church Columbus, Texas 1822-1957. 1957. 18 pages.  *

History of St. John's Episcopal Church Columbus, Texas April 14, 1856 - April 14, 1956. 1956. 20 pages.  Call # TR 283,74 HIS

A History of Weimar United Church of Christ. Weimar: The Weimar Mercury, 1975. [12] pages.  Call # TR 976.4 HIS

Kusey, Billie Osina. Memorial Book St. Michael’s Parish Weimar, Texas Centennial—1889-1989. Schulenburg: Schulenburg Printing and Office Supplies, 1989. 170 pages. An improvement on the excellent earlier history of St. Michael.  Call # TR 976.4

Memorial of Dedication St. Anthony's Church [Columbus]. 1961. 88 pages.  Call # TR 976.4 MEM

[Merging Services of the Friendship and Union Baptist No. 2 Churches Now the Providence Baptist Church]. 1968. 32 pages. This item has no title on its cover, nor a title page. The title given above is taken from the inside front cover.  *

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1882 1982 100th Anniversary of the First Mass Celebration in Nada, Texas. 1982. 60 pages. One of the best of the church histories, and the closest thing to a history of Nada yet published.  Call # TR 282 NAT

One Hundred Twenty-Five Years 1855 1980 Trinity Lutheran Church Frelsburg, Texas. 1980. 28 pages. Call # TR 976.4 ONE

One Hundred Years Trinity Lutheran Church Frelsburg, Texas. [1955]. 22 pages.  Call # TR 976.4 ONE

Powers, Lynn, comp. A History of the First Baptist Church of Eagle Lake, Texas. 1995. 419 pages.  Call # TR S1 976.44

St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church Weimar, Texas 125th Church Anniversary and Homecoming 99. 1999. [28] pages.  

St. Michael’s [Catholic Church, Weimar] Golden Jubilee Souvenir Book. Weimar, 1939. 82 pages. A very early, ambitious, and successful church history. * (Related article in Religious Box 2 File 32)

St. Paul Lutheran Church Columbus, Texas 1919-1994. [1994]. 46 pages. Call # TR S1 976.44

St. Paul's Lutheran Church 1919-1979 [Columbus]. [1979]. 44 pages.   Call # TR 976.44

  Sesquicentennial Celebration of First Baptist Church [Columbus]. 2005. 20 pages. Title on cover is First Baptist Church Columbus, Texas 1855-2005.  *

Veatch, W. T. History of Garwood Methodist Church. Jefferson, Texas: Williams Printing Company, 1942. [16] pages.  Hopkins Ctn 5 File 43

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