Part 1, Note 13

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John Tumlinson to Commandant General of Texas, January 7, 1823; Affidavit of James Nelson, January 3, 1823; Affidavit of Hannah Prewitt, January 3, 1823; Affidavit of James M. Coons and Richard Keable, January 4, 1823; Affidavit of Stephen Ruddell Wilson, January 7, 1823; Letter of José Félix Trespalacios, January 31, 1823; John Tumlinson and Robert Kuykendall to Trespalacios, March 5, 1823; all in Bexar Archives, The Center for American History, University of Texas, Austin; Winkler, ed., Manuscript Letters and Documents of Early Texians 1821-1845, pp. 24-25, wherein the March 5, 1823 letter cited above is reproduced. Though the letter was dated March 5, as will be demonstrated later, Morrison and Nelson did not leave the settlement until March 9.