Part 1, Note 19

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Winkler, ed., Manuscript Letters and Documents of Early Texians 1821-1845, pp. 23, 26-27; John Tumlinson and Robert Kuykendall to the Commandant General of Texas, January 7, 1823; Return from Monthly Inspection, June 5, 1823, both in Bexar Archives, The Center for American History, University of Texas, Austin. Eight of the nine men under Morrison's command, William Kingston, Pumphry Burnett, Aaron Linville, Samuel Sims, John Frazer, John Smith, Jesse Robinson, and Caleb R. Bostwick, were identified on the muster rolls as privates. The ninth, John McCrosky, had achieved the rank of corporal and was, presumably, second in command. Nine of the men had rifles, and the tenth, Frazer, a musket. This company has become celebrated, with little justification, as the predecessor of the modern-day Texas Rangers.