Part 1, Note 20

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Winkler, ed., Manuscript Letters and Documents of Early Texians 1821-1845, p. 28; The Austin Papers, vol. 1, pp. 675, 844-845; Mary Rabb to Julia Lee Sinks, August 15, 1878, Rabb Family Papers, vol. 2, The Center for American History, University of Texas, Austin. Apparently because this incident occurred one day after Morrison noted that he had dispatched two men to San Antonio for gunpowder, Kilgore, in A Ranger Legacy, asserted that Tumlinson and Newman were the two men and that therefore Tumlinson had died in the service of the incipient Texas Rangers (see pp. 26 and 33). It might be more reasonable to conclude, however, that Morrison had dispatched two of the men under his command rather than two other men, one of whom was the highest civil authority in the district.
    Newman's first name is not given in any account of the incident, but Mary Rabb, in her letter to Julia Lee Sinks, identifies him as the father of the Miss Newman who married Jesse Robinson. That woman was Sarah Newman, the daughter of Joseph Newman.