Part 1, Note 32

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The Austin Papers, vol. 1, pp. 879, 883, 885-887, 1639; Kuykendall, "Reminiscences of Early Texans," The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, vol. 7, no. 1, July 1903, pp. 35-36; Dewees, Letters from an Early Settler of Texas, pp. 54-55. Kuykendall remembered that Austin had about ninety men, thirty of whom were armed and mounted slaves owned by, and in this expedition commanded by, Jared E. Groce. Austin's count of sixty-two may not have included the slaves, or Kuykendall may have exaggerated the number. Though he provides only sketchy details, Dewees reports that the Indians had been routed in a huge battle before suing for peace. His account is not corroborated by any other evidence.