Part 1, Note 38

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The Austin Papers, vol. 1, p. 1258, 1319-1321, 1341-1342. The militia officer who refused to lead the expedition to the Indian camp is not identified in any report. He is described by Austin as "a very young man." He was, presumably, the lieutenant of the lower Colorado River settlement's detachment of militia. The Tonkawas were brought to San Felipe by a man named James Roe. Roe had been sent to get the Indians by a Colorado District militia officer. After haggling over the price for doing so, Roe, on May 5, asked that the money he was owed be paid to Joshua Parker. Austin gave Parker $25 on May 10. A few weeks later, Austin reported that Roe had left the Colorado to take munitions to and encourage hostility in the Tonkawas. Austin urged that he be arrested and confined in jail for a year or two. He was certainly arrested, but his fate beyond that is unknown (see The Austin Papers, vol. 1, pp. 1322, 1352, and 1377).