Part 1, Note 5

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Various sources vaguely equate Montezuma with the present site of Columbus. However, David H. Burr's 1833 map of Texas places Montezuma at the point where the Atascosito Road crosses the river, and José Enrique de la Peña, in his "diary" published in Carmen Perry's English translation as With Santa Anna in Texas (College Station: Texas A & M Press, 1975), described the campsite of the Mexican army on May 5, 1836 as "on the Colorado River at the Moctezuma Pass, also known as that of Atascosito" (see p. 166). Interestingly, the place at which the Bexar Road crossed the Colorado, well upriver from Montezuma, though it too apparently had no population, also bore a name: Mina (see Noah Smithwick, The Evolution of a State, or Recollections of Old Texas Days (Austin: Gammel Book Company, 1900), p. 199). Later, the town of Bastrop would be established on the site of Mina. The site of Montezuma, however, would never develop into any sort of community