Part 2, Note 17

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Benjamin Lundy refers to the place as "Dewees' ferry" as early as August 12, 1834, or nearly a month before Dewees purchased the land (see Earle, comp., The Life, Travels and Opinions of Benjamin Lundy, p. 123). Moseley was in Brazoria when the local newspaper ran advertisements offering the Tumlinson estate for rent; therefore it is reasonable to speculate that he saw the ads. As, by 1833, he was living on the property and as there is no record that he owned it, it is reasonable to speculate that he might have rented it (see Texas Gazette, May 8, 1830, July 3, 1830 for advertisements by Moseley, and Texas Gazette, January 30, 1830 through March 20, 1830 for Tumlinson advertisement). William Barret Travis witnessed the division of the Tumlinson property. His diary confirms that Moseley, Beeson, James Wright, James J. Ross, and Martha Hill Bostick all lived in the immediate vicinity, and that the recently deceased William Robinson had also lived nearby (see Davis, ed., The Diary of William Barret Travis, p. 91). A more exact location for the Bostick house is provided by Colorado County District Court Records, Civil Cause File No. 63: William B. Dewees v. Martha Bronson alias Bostick.