Part 2, Note 25

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Kuykendall, "Kuykendall's Recollections of the Campaign," The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, vol. 4, no. 4, April 1901, pp. 299; Nicholas Descombs Labadie, "San Jacinto Campaign," in James M. Day, comp., The Texas Almanac 1857-1873 (Waco: Texian Press, 1967), pp. 146-147. Labadie, who served under Karnes on his scouting expedition, seems to have the dates confused, and reports that when he and the others returned to their campsite across the river, Houston had already abandoned camp. Perhaps so, though other accounts disagree. Labadie, no fan of Houston, made every effort to disparage him. Certainly, his statements that Houston abandoned Karnes' unit in the field to meet its fate must be evaluated in this light.