Part 4, Note 16

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Colorado County Deed Records, Book G, p. 9; Baptismal Records and Marriage Records, Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Frelsburg. In the records maintained by the county government, Father Jacobs signed his name, more conventionally, as John A. Jacobs (see for instance, Colorado County Marriage Records, Book B, p. 81). Little is known of Jacobs. He certainly was in Houston on February 15, 1847, when he baptized an infant girl (see Baptismal Records of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Houston, 1841-1860, Record No. 151). Shortly afterward, of course, he came to Frelsburg. Three years from the day of his first activity there, on April 5, 1850, he died of cholera at Indianola. In writing of his death, Jean Marie Odin called him "an old German priest," providing us with the closest thing to a physical description that we have (see The Metropolitan Catholic Almanac and Laity's Directory, for the Year of Our Lord 1851 (Baltimore: F. Lucas, Jr., 1850), p. 217; Jean Marie Odin to Antoine Blanc, April 19, 1850, Episcopal Collection, Papers of Jean Marie Odin, Catholic Archives of Texas, Austin).