Part 4, Note 27

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Macum Phelan, A History of Early Methodism in Texas 1817-1866 (Nashville: Cokesbury Press, 1924), pp. 295, 297, 323; Colorado County Deed Records, Book G, pp. 38, 41, 137; Seventh Census of the United States (1850), Schedule 6, Colorado County, Texas; Texas Monument, June 30, 1852. The precise location of the church in Columbus was subdivided lot 15, block 22. The adjacent lot, which they purchased on August 14, 1849, was subdivided lot 16. Further supporting the idea that the two Methodist churches in the county listed by the federal census takers in 1850 were those in the German settlement and Columbus is the fact that the only two ministers they listed were Thomas and Kolbe (see Seventh Census of the United States (1850), Schedules 1 and 6, Colorado County, Texas).