Part 4, Note 34

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Colorado County Mortgage Book B, p. 194; Texas Monument, February 9, 1853. The contract also states that a second book, to be entitled Life on a Frontier or Adventures of Will Dewees, was ready for publication. That book was never published and, most unfortunately, apparently is now lost. Letters from an Early Settler of Texas, which is cited many times in this history, is, despite its flaws, the single most valuable source on the early history of the Colorado County area. The first edition was published by Morton & Griswold of Louisville, Kentucky in 1852. A second edition was published by Hull & Brother of Louisville in 1854. The third edition carries no date, but is inscribed "Second Edition" on its title page and is said to have been printed by New Albany Tribune Print, it is thought, in 1858. The fourth and, to date, final edition of the book was published by Texian Press of Waco in 1968. It might be supposed from the copyright page that the book was published in 1853. If so, it must have been very early in the year, for the above-cited issue of the Texas Monument, published only six weeks into the year, contains what might be characterized as a review of the book, and certainly suggests that the writer had seen a copy of it.