Part 4, Note 35

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Seventh Census of the United States (1850), Schedule 1, Schedule 4, Schedule 5, Colorado County, Texas; Elizabeth Avery Meriwether, Recollections of Ninety-Two Years (Nashville: The Tennessee Historical Commission, 1958), pp. 25-27; Texas Monument, November 6, 1850. Schedule 1 of the census lists only two school teachers, James Griffith and William Martin, however Schedule 5 reports that six schools with six teachers were active. As we have seen, there was a school in the German settlement in 1844. There was also a school at Reels Bend as early as 1846. Both were probably still active in 1850. One must suppose that there was at least one school in Columbus. The location of the other three has not been determined (see Colorado County Commissioners Court Records, Book A, p. 59, Book 1, p. 20). Dewey Homer Brown, in his thesis "The History of Education in Columbus, Colorado County, Texas" (Master's thesis, Sul Ross State Teachers College, 1942) states that there was a boarding school in Columbus in 1847 (p. 30). He cites an article in the Houston Telegraph of August 16, 1847. This article has not been found.