Part 4, Note 39

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Seventh Census of the United States (1850) Schedule 4, Colorado County, Texas. Because each entry is spread across two pages, it is important to point out that the pages of the 1850 agricultural schedule were microfilmed in incorrect order. It is possible to reconstruct their order from the summary of the data presented on what were originally the last two pages, pages 13 and 14. The first page on the microfilm is original page 9; the second original page 12; the third original page 1; the fourth original page 4; the fifth original page 3; the sixth original page 2; the seventh original page 5; the eighth original page 8; the ninth original page 13; the tenth original page 14; the eleventh original page 7; the twelfth original page 6; the thirteenth original page 11; and the fourteenth original page 10. The statistics cited above are based on the reported production of Germans on original pages 5-10 of the agricultural schedule cited above, beginning with Bernard Fehrenkamp and ending with William Gaedeke. The sample, which encompassed most of the Frelsburg and Bernardo areas, embraced 87 farmers, 48 of whom owned land. Frels, Pieper, Zimmerscheidt, Schneider, and Beimer, all of whom owned more than 1000 acres, and Hermann Frels, George Herder, and Edward Ruhmann, all of whom owned more than 450 acres, have been excluded from the group identified above as "smaller German landowners." That group then contained 40 persons; and the group of persons who did not own land contained 39. The 40 land owners owned a total of 4087 acres, 526 of which were improved, and produced a total of 5665 bushels of corn. Of them, 34 owned a total of 405 swine, 26 produced 59 bales of cotton, 17 owned 304 head of cattle, and 15 produced 4250 pounds of tobacco. Of the 39 who did not own land, 22 owned a total of 322 hogs, 18 produced 2425 bushels of corn, 15 produced 28 bales of cotton, seven owned 88 head of cattle, and five grew 800 pounds of tobacco. Hermann Frels, Herder, and Ruhmann owned a total of 1739 acres, 79 of which were improved, and, between them, 95 cattle and 42 swine. They produced 14 bales of cotton, 10 of them by Herder, and 950 bushels of corn. Only one of the three, Ruhmann, grew tobacco.