Part 4, Note 4

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Colorado County Deed Records, Book A, p. 50, Book C, pp. 58-77; Tax Rolls of Colorado County, 1846, or the convenient summation in Bill Stein, ed., "The Slave Narratives of Colorado County," Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal, vol. 3, no. 1, January 1993, p. 30. Montgomery's plantation was the lower half of the Clement C. Dyer Survey. In 1845, there had been 874 slaves in the county. The decline of more than 300 is attributable to the massive loss of territory caused by the creation of Lavaca and Wharton Counties. For example, Washington Green Lee Foley, who with 68 slaves had had more than anyone else in Colorado County in 1845, was thereafter in Lavaca County, and John C. Clark, William Jones Elliott Heard, John D. Newell, and Gideon G. Williams, who had had 29, 28, 25, and 24 slaves respectively, were in Wharton County (see Tax Rolls of Colorado County, 1845).