Part 6, Note 15

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Colorado Citizen, August 15, 1857, March 5, 1859, June 15, 1861, June 29, 1861, August 10, 1861; Colorado County District Court Records, Civil Cause File No. 1650: Walter Tufts and Charles A. Colley v. D. J. Hollister, H. C. Drew, and A. F. Smith; Civil Cause File No. 1695: Lathrop & Wilkinson v. Henry M. Johnson. The last known edition of the Citizen until after the war was issued on November 2, 1861. The Confederate government actually passed a law, on May 21, 1861, that made it a crime for Confederate citizens to pay debts to individuals or corporations anywhere in the United States except Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, or Washington D. C. The law suggested that the debts be paid into the Confederate treasury, which would then issue a certificate that would be redeemable after the war (see James M. Matthews, ed., The Statutes at Large of the Provisional Government of the Confederate States of America (Richmond: R. M. Smith, 1864) p. 151).