Part 6, Note 22

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Muster Rolls, Company H, 17th Texas Infantry, Microfilm edition in Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus; Petition of Captain Jordt and Company, June 11, 1862, Memorials and Petitions, Texas State Archives, Austin. Of the 126 men known to have served in Company H, 53 had been in Colorado County in 1860. One of those, Charles Lessing, enrolled as a substitute for Andrew J. Smith, a Tennessee-born slaveholder who was no doubt aghast to realize that he had enrolled in a German-speaking company. The isolation of Jordt's company can be inferred from the writings of Elijah Parsons Petty, who was the captain of another company in the 17th Texas Infantry, Company F. Published as Journey to Pleasant Hill (Norman D. Brown, ed., (San Antonio: The Institute for Texan Cultures, 1982)), Petty's voluminous correspondence scarcely mentions Company H. He once reports that "the Dutch company is the only one that has lost no men" (p. 105), makes a passing reference to Lieutenant Kollmann, whom he calls "Coleman" (p. 224), and reports that one "Dutchman" had deserted (p. 284). Though he speaks routinely of other companies, no other mentions of Jordt's company have been found in his letters.