Part 6, Note 28

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Official Records, series 1, vol. 15, pp. 978, 981, 989. Two of the other civilian guides were identified as Hendersons. The woman who was injured by the bayonet is identified as "Mrs. Rouge." Her name may have been Runge. Lieutenant William J. Wheeler, who investigated the incident, filed his report on February 23, 1863. In regard to this incident, it states "Mrs. Rouge, the lady who is reported to have been so badly misused, states that she received no injury at the hands of Lieutenant Stone, and she does not think from any of the men under his command; that Lieutenant Stone did not come into her house, and that she was injured, but to the best of her knowledge the injury she received was at the hands of men who were not under Lieutenant Stone's command, but were citizens, neighbors, living in that vicinity, and not from any of Lieutenant Stone's command; that she was knocked down, not by any of Lieutenant Stone's command, and that she received one or two scratches from a bayonet, whether it was thrust at her or whether in the confusion of the moment, which she thinks most likely, she ran against it, she cannot tell; that she received the butt of a gun, but says the blow was not aimed at her; that being excited and alarmed for her husband's safety she accidentally ran against it; and that she is confident, from the general conduct and demeanor of the lieutenant and the men of his command, that they intended no injury or insult to her whatever."