Part 6, Note 32

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"Diary of James Pitman Saunders," pp. 177-184; Official Records, series 1, vol. 26, part 2, pp. 237-239. Saunders, who was a member of Company C of Hardeman's Regiment, writes of attending burials on April 18 and April 21, stating on the latter date that the cemetery has "about fifty graves" and "so new that there is no grass growing on them." He further states that the soldiers were "buried in a verry plain coffin, a shallow grave without a vault in a verry loose sandy piece of ground, dressed in their own everyday wearing clothes" and that there was "no fencing whatever about the graves." Its location has been forgotten. Terrell's camp was called Camp Kelsoe Springs. It may have been at Kessler's Chalybeate Springs, or, conceivably, in the Alfred Kelso Survey west of Columbus.