Part 6, Note 49

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According to a count based on Eighth Census of the United States (1860) Schedule 1, Colorado County, Texas, there were 1343 males between the ages of 12 and 45 in Colorado County in 1860, of whom 406 were born in Germany, 37 in what became Czechoslovakia, and 900 elsewhere. A comparison of the list of the 1343 names with the Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in Organizations from the State of Texas, National Archives Microfilm Publication No. 323, revealed 107 Germans, four Czechs, and 407 others who could reasonably be identified as Confederate soldiers. Many others may have served; however, there was often insufficient information to determine that an individual on the 1860 census was the same individual found in the compiled service records. There were two John Millers, two James Walkers, and one James Johnson, one John Smith, one John Washington, one John White, and one John Wilson in Colorado County in 1860, and innumerable ones in the Confederate army. There were also six Colorado County men who were over the age of 45 when the 1860 census was taken who are known to have served in the Confederate military and a seventh who enlisted but was never accepted into service. These seven men were: Henry Terrell, who was 55, Samuel B. DeHart, 54, John Noack, 50, Robert A. Bell, 49, Henry Spinck, 47, William G. Hunt, 46, and Howal A. Tatum, 46. Two of the seven, Noack and Spinck, were German.