Part 6, Note 5

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Colorado Citizen, November 2, 1861; Weimar Mercury, March 12, 1904; Colorado County Police [Commissioners] Court Minutes, Book 2, p. 404. Major Julius Kellersberg, in reporting on the batteries in place at Fort Velasco on November 3, 1862, did not specifically refer to any of the artillery pieces as breechloaders, but his report does not exclude the possibility that Nave's cannon was present (see Official Records, series I, vol. 15, pp. 853-854). After the war, Nave kept his cannon, and on the day of his funeral, in 1904, it was set up on Milam Street in Columbus and fired several times. In 1930, the cannon was donated to the Witte Memorial Museum in San Antonio. It has since disappeared from the museum grounds.