Part 6, Note 7

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Muster Rolls, Company B, Fifth Texas Infantry, Microfilm edition in Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus; Colorado Citizen, June 29, 1861; Colorado County District Court Records, Criminal Cause File No. 480: State of Texas v. John A. Pearce. There was also a recruit named William L. Rhodes who signed up for duty in Columbus on March 25, 1862. He may have been the son of plantation and slave owner Henry David Rhodes, though he seems not to have been. Rhodes would be wounded at Antietam, and die of pneumonia two months later, on November 20, 1862. He has a probate file at the Colorado County courthouse, but it contains no documents, nor does there seem to be any mention of him in the probate minute or final record books (see Colorado County Probate Records, File No. 414: W. L. Rhodes).