Part 6, Note 8

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Muster Rolls, Company B, Fifth Texas Infantry, Microfilm edition in Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus; Colorado Citizen, September 14, 1899, October 5, 1899. Denny had been reported dead of disease in the Colorado Citizen of August 31, 1861, but that report was retracted in the issue of September 21, 1861. According to Roberdeau, during an early stage of the battle, Pinchback had predicted his own death (see Colorado Citizen, September 14, 1899). Upton had lost the August 6, 1860 Colorado County sheriff’s election to Ira Albert Harris by only twelve votes (382-370). Had he won, he probably would not have joined the army, and his life might have been saved (see Colorado County Election Records, August 6, 1860). Hicks Baker had married Elizabeth Secrest on April 25, 1860. Their son was born February 8, 1861 (see Colorado County Marriage Records, Book D, p. 69; Colorado Citizen, February 9, 1861).