Part 7, Note 12

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Galveston News, May 14, 1867, April 4, 1869; [Mexico City] Two Republics, September 5, 1868; Conveyance of property by T. J. M. Richardson to John G. Montgomery, July 11, 1867, Montgomery Family File, Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library. The Montgomery child born in Mexico, more specifically on the Rio Verde in the state of San Luis Potosí was Ella Birdie Montgomery. Another of the settlers at Tuxpan, Gideon Lincecum, restated his reasons for leaving Texas in an April 27, 1871 letter to John Henry Brown, who also had lived at Tuxpan and encouraged others to move there: "As for myself, I do not, neither can I care one cent for the 'United States of America.' The victorious Yankee has trampled under foot every principle of justice and equality, and are now encouraging the triumphant negro to put the finishing stroke on the degraded condition of the Southernor by conjugal union with with [sic] his daughters; While the Southernor, those who are most capable, and best able to do something, for the fear of losing a few dollars have joined the loyal league. No no, John Henry Brown, I cant care for such a demoralized nation. But I can remain here in this calm, peaceful, clean washed country, where Bowie Knives and six shooters are not regarded as the indespensable equipments of a gentleman, and where man shooting is not considered an honorable occupation. Where, as you know, doorlocks are not necessary, and, where indeed there is nothing to fear" (see Gideon Lincecum to John Henry Brown, April 27, 1871, Gideon Lincecum Papers, The Center for American History, University of Texas, Austin).