Part 7, Note 19

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Letter of Enon M. Harris, October 8, 1867, Letters of David H. Crisp and Richard V. Cook, October 8, 1867, October 16, 1867, October 20, 1867, and November 16, 1867, all in Barry A. Crouch Collection (Ms. 41), Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus; Letter of John H. Crisp, March 19, 1868, Reconstruction Documents Collection (Ms. 70), Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus. On January 10, 1868, Columbus' Masonic lodge, the Caledonia Lodge #68, Free and Accepted Masons, advertised that it had expelled Hanford for "gross unmasonic conduct" and warned other lodges not to let him join. One may only guess that he was expelled as a result of his conduct in the Crisp affair (see [La Grange] State Rights Democrat, January 10, 1868).