Part 7, Note 2

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[La Grange] True Issue, June 3, 1865; Colorado County District Court Records, Criminal Cause File No. 594: State of Texas v. William Thompson, et al., Criminal Minute Book D, p. 129. On May 23, 1865, the day after the former cavalrymen had taken all the Confederate property in La Grange, another group of former soldiers arrived in town. Dismayed that they were too late to participate in the confiscation of government property, they turned their attention to private property, though with much less public approval.
    Redgate's wife, Mary Theresa, was the same woman who had been captured by Indians in 1836 when she was the wife of Conrad Jürgens. Jane Margaret Jordt, who was actually Jürgens' daughter, was the same child who was born while her mother was in captivity and who had been adopted by Redgate. On September 23, 1855, she had married Hermann Emil Mathias Jordt, who, it will be remembered, died during the Civil War while serving as the captain of a Confederate army company (see Colorado County Marriage Records, Book C, p. 33).