Part 7, Note 36

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Colorado County Deed Records, Book M, pp. 428, 429, 759, Book N, pp. 516, 521, Book O, p. 203, Book 3, p. 619; Colorado County District Court Records, Civil Cause File No. 2868: Sophie Bacon v. John Rosenfield, Administrator, Minute Book E, p. 408. Bacon had unusual difficulty in securing title to her land. She bought the block from William Alley for $25, making a down payment of $13. However, when Alley died later in 1869, he had not yet signed the deed which would have transferred title to Bacon. Bacon offered the remaining amount due on the block, $12, to Alley's estate. The administrator, John Rosenfield, did not accept the money and refused to sign a deed, whereupon Bacon filed suit. On October 19, 1872, the district court ruled in Bacon's favor, stipulating that she must pay the $12 due and all court costs. On October 7, 1874, after she complied with the terms of the settlement, Alley's estate transferred title to Bacon.