Part 7, Note 4

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Colorado County Tax Rolls, 1864, 1865. Total valuations in 1864 were $5,972,552. That year, the slaves in the county were valued at $2,299,455, and the taxable land in the county at $2,196,696. In 1865, total valuations were $2,100,568, with the bulk of that, $1,433,145, in land. The tax rate in 1864 was 50 cents per $100, that in 1865, 12.5 cents per $100. The average value of an acre of land was set at $7.29 in 1864 and $5.00 in 1865. The county collected $30,626.96 in taxes in 1864 but only $3442.71 in 1865. Of course, 1864 taxes were collected in Confederate dollars and 1865 taxes in United States dollars. Comparing the valuations assigned to horses, cattle, sheep, and rural land by the Colorado County tax assessor in 1861 and 1862 to those assigned in 1865 and 1866 leads to the conclusion that the assessor valued a Confederate dollar at about 70 United States cents, meaning that the 1864 tax collections were equivalent to more than 20,000 United States dollars (see Colorado County Tax Rolls, 1861-1866). It may be assumed that most of the additional tax money the county collected in 1864 went to pay expenses caused by the war.