Part 7, Note 50

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Letter of Robert E. Stafford, October 14, 1859, Shropshire-Upton Chapter, U. D. C. Collection (Ms. 25), Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus; Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in Organizations from the State of Texas, National Archives Microfilm Publication No. 323, Roll 305; James Cox, The Cattle Industry of Texas and Adjacent Territory (St. Louis: Woodward and Tiernan, 1895), p. 640. Though Robert Earl Stafford was in Texas as early as 1859, he does not appear on the 1860 federal census. He might easily be confused with a man who is listed on the 1860 census of Colorado County, Robert Frederick Stafford, who was the same age and was also born in Georgia. Robert F. Stafford did not reappear in the county after the war, perhaps because he was classified as a deserter from his Confederate army unit: Company H, 13th Texas Infantry.