Part 7, Note 53

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Colorado County Bond and Mortgage Records, Book F, pp. 318, 324, 341; Book G, pp. 29, 42, 213; Colorado County Probate Records, File No. 634: Robert B. Johnson; John Edward Folts, "A Faithful Negro Servant," in John Marvin Hunter, ed., The Trail Drivers of Texas (Nashville, Tennessee: Cokesbury Press, 1925), pp. 645-646; J. Frank Dobie, "The Old Trail Drivers," The Country Gentleman, vol. 40, no. 7, February 14, 1925; Typewritten affidavit attributed to George Glenn in Johnson Family File, Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus. Henry M. Johnson had married Harriet Barbara Stafford on March 19, 1868 (see Colorado County Marriage Records, Book E, p. 96). It has been assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that the conveyance of some 800 cattle by Henry Johnson and Bob Stafford to Bob Johnson, Ben Stafford, and John Stafford was the formality necessary to allow the last named three to sell the cattle when they got them to Kansas, and that therefore all three went along on the drive. Glenn implies that Johnson's brothers went along. It is not inconceivable that he meant the Staffords, who were Johnson's brother's brothers-in-law. Folts, writing about fifty years later, states that Johnson died in July 1870, however, in January 1871, Henry Johnson, in a document relating to his brother's probate proceedings, stated that he died "in the State of Kansas about the first part of October 1870."