Part 7, Note 58

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Monthly Reports of Louis W. Stevenson, September 30, 1868, October 31, 1868, both in Barry A. Crouch Collection (Ms. 41), Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus; Special Order 59, October 16, 1868, File 860-15, Special Order 95, April 22, 1869, File 860-23, Special Order 102, April 30, 1869, File 860-23, Special Order 114, May 14, 1869, File 860-25, Special Order 115, May 15, 1869, File 860-25, all in Adjutant General's Records (RG 401), Archives and Records Division, Texas State Library, Austin; Columbus Times, July 4, 1868; Colorado Citizen, May 6, 1869. The Citizen took the April purge of county officials philosophically, remarking that the departed county judge was "as fat and soggy as ever, and seems to be musing upon the uncertainty of worldly glory," and reporting with amusement one young man's difficulty in getting a marriage license, because "our county officers having been removed by the 'powers that be,' and none others as yet spoken into existence, we are 'every man his own Captain' in this county."