Part 7, Note 61

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Colorado Citizen, September 22, 1860, November 15, 1888, October 22, 1889; Galveston Daily News, May 15, 1868; Eagle Lake Headlight, January 8, 1927; War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1889-1896), series 1, vol. 48, part 2, pp. 259; Letter of Camillus Jones, July 6, 1870, Letter of Robert P. Tendick, July 6, 1870, Governor's Papers (RG 301), Edmund J. Davis, Archives and Records Division, Texas State Library, Austin; Eighth Census of the United States (1860), Colorado County, Texas, Schedule 1, Washington County, Texas, Schedule 1; Biographical sketch of Daniel D. Claiborne in Memorial and Genealogical Record of Southwest Texas (Chicago: Goodspeed Brothers, 1894), pp. 203-204. The Loyal League, or Union League, was an organization which supported candidates for office who had remained loyal to the Union, and opposed those who had supported the Confederacy.