Part 8, Note 14

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La Grange New Era, May 24, 1872, June 7, 1872, August 2, 1872, Colorado Citizen, May 14, 1874, May 21, 1874, May 28, 1874, April 29, 1875, December 21, 1876, April 12, 1877, May 3, 1877, May 10, 1877, July 12, 1877, April 4, 1878. The Volks Fests were not completely characterized by sober conviviality. At the festival on May 8, 1873, one of the town's leading citizens, Dr. Robert Henry Harrison, evidently became inebriated and loudly berated John Rosenfield. The city marshal, James W. Fields, arrested Harrison for disturbing the peace and banished him from the festival. The next day, Rosenfield swore out a complaint, and Harrison was again arrested. He was tried the same day and fined, by a jury, one dollar. The mayor, John C. Miller, added $12.75 in court costs, and demanded immediate payment. To avoid going to jail, Harrison paid. Then, however, he sued the city for false arrest, seeking damages of $5000. He took the case to the state's supreme court where, in 1876, he was finally defeated (see Cases Argued and Decided in the Supreme Court of the State of Texas [Texas Reports], vol. 44 (Houston: E. H. Cushing. 1876), pp. 418-421).