Part 8, Note 19

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Camillus Jones to Edmund J. Davis, July 6, 1870, Robert P. Tendick to Edmund J. Davis, July 6, 1870, William M. Smith to Edmund J. Davis, February 23, 1871, Edmund J. Davis Records (RG 301), Archives Division, Texas State Library, Austin; Edmund J. Davis to Camillus Jones, July 9, 1870, Executive Record Books (RG 307), Edmund J. Davis, vol. 1, p. 207, Archives Division, Texas State Library, Austin; Colorado County Bond and Mortgage Records, Book G, pp. 286, 296; Colorado County District Court Records, Civil Cause File No. 2634: William Beethe, et al. v. William M. Smith. Jackson and Leyendecker had earlier been identified with and endorsed by the Republicans, and they still, in 1870, were regarded by them as reasonable men. Both, however, had firmly joined the Democratic Party by 1876 (see Colorado Citizen, August 3, 1876). Jones' drunkenness may have been the product of a personal tragedy. On May 11, 1868, Jones had married Annie W. Naill. On March 28, 1869, the couple had a child, William Naill Jones. It seems likely that Annie Naill Jones died in childbirth or shortly thereafter. No further record of her existence has been found, and the infant was almost immediately turned over to the family of Jacob J. Dick to be raised (see Colorado County Marriage Records, Book E, p. 101, Colorado Citizen, November 9, 1893, Ninth Census of the United States (1870) Colorado County, Texas, Schedule 1, which shows the one-year old child living with the Dick family).