Part 8, Note 26

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Colorado Citizen, October 12, 1871, October 19, 1871, October 26, 1871, November 30, 1871; William S. Speer and John Henry Brown, eds., The Encyclopedia of the New West (Marshall, Texas: The United States Biographical Publishing Co., 1881), pp. 122-127; Executive Record Books, Edmund J. Davis, vol. 1, p. 753, Archives Division, Texas State Library, Austin. The vote totals in the 1872 election to replace Jones were: Johnson 404, Gillmore 234, Newsom 189. Fleming, after moving away from the county, would serve as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1875, as a district judge, as a state Senator, and as a presiding officer at the state Democratic convention and a delegate to the national Democratic convention in 1894 (see The New Handbook of Texas (Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1996) vol. 2, p. 1030).