Part 8, Note 32

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La Grange New Era, August 2, 1872; Colorado Citizen, February 27, 1873, April 2, 1874, April 9, 1874, April 30, 1874, October 14, 1875, March 9, 1876, March 23, 1876, December 21, 1876. Though the earliest discovered mention of the Simpson bank is in an advertisement in the April 2, 1874 issue of the Colorado Citizen, William Henry Harrison's History of Banking in Colorado County, Texas (n. p., 1976) reproduces, on page 16, a Simpson bank letterhead that states that the bank was established in 1873. A document dated March 26, 1873 on the letterhead of the bank of Frazell & Autrey is preserved in Leyendecker Family Papers (Ms. 37), Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus. Their firm was in business as early as March 6, 1873, when Charles Wesley Traylor mortgaged his goods to them. They dissolved their partnership some time after July 2, 1873 but before 1874 (see Colorado County Bond & Mortgage Records, Book I, p. 217; Colorado County District Court Records, Civil Cause File No. 3037: D. F. Frazell v. John W. Guynn, et al.).