Part 8, Note 39

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Gammel, comp., The Laws of Texas 1822-1897, vol. 7, pp. 906-911; Colorado Citizen, August 13, 1874, August 20, 1874, September 24, 1874, October 1, 1874, January 7, 1875, February 11, 1875, February 25, 1875; Petition for Repeal of the Charter of Columbus, February 5, 1875, Petition to Refuse the Repeal of the Charter of Columbus, February 13, 1875, both in Memorials and Petitions, Archives Division, Texas State Library, Austin. Though no account of the 1873 city elections has been found, subsequent reports of city council activity reveal the names of at least some of the men who served on it. Though there were only five seats on the council, because of resignations, at least seven men served as aldermen between 1873 and 1875. Three of the seven: Sophus Johann Theodore Harde, Henry Ilse, and Julius F. Sandmeyer, have been identified as German. The other four were John A. Carter, John Keith, Henry S. Obenchain, and Lott W. Simpson. John C. Miller, the same man who had been appointed by Governor Edmund J. Davis in 1870, apparently won reelection as mayor, for he continued to serve (see Colorado Citizen, May 14, 1874, July 9, 1874).