Part 8, Note 4

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Colorado County Probate Records, File No. 602: William Alley, Final Record Book H, pp. 701, 703, 705, 710, 721, 723; Colorado Citizen, November 2, 1871. William Alley died in 1869, Caroline in January 1867. The plaintiffs were Walter Alley, Albert Alley, George Alley, Jane and John B. Burton, Amanda and Pierce Henderson, Mary and Joseph Allen, Catherine and Ben Cloman, Julia and Briscoe Calhoun, and Sarah and Ben Preston. Marriage records for two of the female plaintiffs, Jane Burton and Julia Calhoun, have been found. Both women used the name Alley as their maiden names. The earliest known use of the Alley name by one of these former slaves is on Jane Burton's marriage license, which was taken out on November 10, 1865 (Colorado County Marriage Records, Book D, pp. 180, 234).