Part 8, Note 46

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Colorado Citizen, May 4, 1876, June 22, 1876, September 14, 1876, October 5, 1876, November 21, 1878; Members of the Texas Legislature, 1846-1962 (n. p., n. d.), pp. 87-92. Colorado County had perhaps its profoundest influence in Austin in 1876 during the Fifteenth Legislature. Not only did Thompson preside over the state senate, but another of its members, James Harvey McLeary, then living in San Antonio, had been born and raised in the county. In the legislature, Ibzan W. Middlebrook was joined by Michael Quin, who lived in Colorado County before the Civil War and, in the Confederate army, commanded a company of men he helped raise in the county, but had since moved to Galveston.