Part 8, Note 49

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Galveston Daily News, October 11, 1868; Houston Daily Times, January 7, 1869, February 19, 1869, March 23, 1869; Gammel, comp., The Laws of Texas 1822-1897, vol. 6, pp. 547-551; Colorado Citizen, August 12, 1875, April 4, 1878; Colorado County Deed Records, Book Q, p. 574, Book R, pp. 55, 56, 57, 59, 60, 62, 87, 91; Colorado County Bond and Mortgage Records, Book I, pp. 225, 601, 604, 607; St. Clair Griffin Reed, A History of Texas Railroads (Houston: St. Clair Publishing, 1941. Reprint. New York: Arno Press, 1981, p. 192). When it became clear that the existing railroad had no intention of building a line to La Grange and Austin, as had earlier been intended, a new railroad, the Columbus, Austin, & Parker County Railway Company, was chartered. The company, which was incorporated by virtue of an act passed by the legislature on April 2, 1873, was to construct track from Columbus to Weatherford, through La Grange, Bastrop, and Austin. Two Colorado County men, Josiah Shaw and John Richard Brooks, were listed among the original commissioners of the railroad. Evidently, however, the C. A. & P. C. built no track, and, in keeping with the provisions of their charter, went out of existence in two years (see Gammel, comp., The Laws of Texas 1822-1897, vol. 7, pp. 886-891).