Part 8, Note 50

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Colorado County Deed Records, Book O, pp. 606, 608, Book Q, pp. 524, 597-599; Colorado County Bond and Mortgage Records, Book I, pp. 595, 596, 605; Colorado Citizen, March 14, 1872, April 2, 1874, June 25, 1874, July 22, 1875, June 6, 1878; Petition to Prohibit the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages at Borden, March 22, 1873, Memorials and Petitions, Archives Division, Texas State Library, Austin; Record of Appointment of Postmasters 1832-September 30, 1971, National Archives Microfilm Publication M841, Roll 122; Joe Bertram Frantz, Gail Borden Dairyman to a Nation (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1951), p. 275, which has been used as the source of the date of Borden's death. Borden may have moved to the area because his son-in-law, Jahu W. Johnson, had moved to Columbus.