Part 8, Note 59

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Colorado Citizen, July 2, 1874, May 18, 1876, June 1, 1876, June 15, 1876, June 22, 1876, July 27, 1876, September 14, 1876, August 9, 1877, September 13, 1877. The jury which was bedeviled by the odor of the courthouse privy sent a complaint about it, in the form of a mock court decision, to the Colorado Citizen. The newspaper printed it on September 14, 1876. The jury included Dallas Stoudenmier, prompting his biographer, Leon Claire Metz, to write of the incident. Metz indicated that the matter was a genuine court proceeding, surely a highly questionable interpretation (see Metz, Dallas Stoudenmire: El Paso Marshal (Austin and New York: The Pemberton Press, 1969), pp. 28-29).